U.S. Investigates Yemen Packages Shipped Via UPS, FedEx

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    U.S. Investigates Yemen Packages Shipped Via UPS, FedEx - Bloomberg

    U.S. officials are investigating packages sent from Yemen to the U.S. after suspicious parcels were found in the U.K. and Dubai, raising concern that the incident was a dry run for a future terrorist attack.

    United Parcel Service Inc. said the Federal Bureau of Investigation checked packages today on three jets from Europe, while FedEx Corp. said it embargoed shipments from Yemen after a parcel from the country was seized by officials at its Dubai facility. President Barack Obama was notified late yesterday about a “potential terrorist threat,” the White House said.

    “Authorities were able to identify and examine two suspicious packages, one in East Midlands, United Kingdom, and one in Dubai,” the White House said in a statement. “Both of these packages originated from Yemen.”

    Investigators are looking at whether the shipments were staged as rehearsals for a future attack, a U.S. official said. Links to al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, a branch of the group that operates in Yemen, also are being studied, said the official, who requested anonymity.

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    I have been reading some of the AP reports on the grounding of a few of our planes today due to the finding of 'explosive content' and although I choose to not live my life wrapped in bubble wrap I am always concerned as a citizen, not an employee in this case, when I hear of the lengths that our enemies will go to to hurt us and others.
    Yes, those responsible are our enemies.
    I do not consider myself vocal when it comes to the politics I choose to follow but I am always surprised when I hear, I am paraphrasing here, that the United States needs to be taken down a notch.

    Are any of my fellow employees offended when they hear this kind of talk or, as I have been told a few times, a bit out of touch when it comes to the rest of the world because I do not find it inappropriate to be a proud American.
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    Its always lonely at the top.
    And Im sure we will find out it was some swedes, doing the dirty work here. It wouldnt be anyone from the nations of the religion of peace.
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    its the friggin arabs and the jews this time,not al queda...still scary...if lithium batteries can bring down a plane,surely a hand made bomb could detonate prematurely.