Unable to use clutch now what???

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    After months of pain in the ball of my foot while driving the package car I was diagnosed with some kind of nerve problem in my foot caused by the foot pressure on the clutch. The work comp doctor said no clutch until they figure out what to do about the nerve issue. Could be mortons neuroma. Kinda like carpel tunnel but in the foot.
    Of course UPS said they will not allow me to drive one of the automatics in my building until my foot issue is resolved so I have been put to work on car wash and preload.
    I think I am probably one of the oldest females to ever be put in the feeders unloading.. 48 and counting.. and I felt all of my years when I hit the school books and reams of paper to get out of the belly of the feeder and up on the rollers.:sad:
    All of the others drivers except one think it is crazy to put me out of my package car when I can still do the job. They all want to know why they just don't give me an automatic. The mechcanic does not want to put one on my route because I go on dirt and sand roads that he claims will ruin the automatics.
    The hours are killing me trying to adapt to the 130 to 930 shiflt. Sleeping in the swimming pool does not work.
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    That's absurd. Why doesn't it ruin the P300's we use on the rural routes? Why doesn't it ruin everyone's personal vehicles? Sounds like they're just giving you the "run-around"....
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    Just remember to work at your pace and since its hot you will need to remember that safety is first and take as many breaks as you need. Work as instructed but at a pace you can live with. Also keep good records and make sure your steward is informed. Is this TAW? You can always grieve this.
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    Far as the mechanic supposedly saying not to put the automatic on dirt and sandy roads, makes absolutely no sense. the Allison Transmission is as near to bullet proof as they come, minus the shift cables and neutral safety switch taking a crap from time to time. Putting an automatic on those kinds of roads is actually better, less chance of driver ripping the clutch out and/or tranny gears.

    Besides, the mechanics have little say what route a car goes on, we can give limited input, but not the final say. Management has the final say far as what cars go where as to best utilize the cargo handling capacity of the cars.
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    You need to give that mechanic a swift kick in his ass!!!(with your good foot) because that is dumbest thing I ever heard!! In my building we have 2 truck's that run mostly farm's all day and they are both new automatic's. I'm a mechanic and that's just a poor excuse. I would do 1 of 2 thing's. 1) get a good comp lawyer and have them put pressure on the company and liberty mutual to put you back to work in a automatic. 2) Get a hold of your B/A and have them do the same thing or even have them set up a meeting with you and the company. Parcel doesn't like comp claim's, which ever you do good luck!!!:thumbup1:
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    Hell, in our building all of the automatic vehicles are assigned to the rural routes. When I used to do carwash, they were always the dirtiest, requiring a pre-rinse to get enough crud off to make scrubbing them even useful. They use the big trucks for in town stuff.
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    So how can you do car wash??? As far as the hours I'm pretty sure if you are on TAW you can tell them that you want to work during your regular hours(8:30 am til?) and they must accomidate(sp?) you or just keep you out until your released.
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    The other guy I am working with moves the cars. He does not care if he has to park the cars. That is my only restriction. No Clutch.
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    Upslady, this is a sugestion. Ive been doing this for some time now. I did a thread named "support" go to the archives and look it up. This is my story, years ago(about 3 yrs ago) I noticed my left knee was giving me a little problem while depressing the clutch. I told a feeder driver about it and this was his advice. If you have the diesels, you can shift without using the clutch. Ive been doing this for 3 years. The rpms on a diesel are low. It takes a little practice to get it, maybe a day or 2, depends on you. When you let off on the gas you gentlely slide the stick shift into the next gear. It will easily go in if it is timed right. I can do it with my eyes closed, so to speak. It does not hurt the engine what so ever. It actually saves money on clutches as well as on comp. It also gives your knee time to heal.

    This method saved me. I know I could have gone out on comp, but thats just not me. Say what you will, I have 19 1/2 years driving with the company with a year buy out I can retire in less than 5 years(25 yrs). Im a driver in Virgina. I just pray our joint council 83 retirement plan stays healthy. I also want to cross the retirement finish line standing. Thats just me. Some will say just go out on comp, not me. Im going to do my best to make it. I see the same drive in you as it is in me. I pray the best for you.

    In closing, the "shift without clutch" method, does not work on dead stops or reverse, obivously. I'm also on a rural run, that helps. Not to sound bleak, but your knee condition might be to bad to do even this. take care area 43

    I almost forgot, my brother delivers newspapers, with a manual transmission, alot of stopping and going. He had the same problem with the nerve in the ball of his foot. He went to a podiatrist(foot doctor) and he gave him special custom made inserts. They actually took a foot impression in clay to make them. It was heaven sent, my brother has no more pain, still doing the paper route. About every year or 2 he'll get them replaced because they get worn out. Upslady, I hope this helps you out. I strongly suggets to go with the custom shoe inserts, now!!!! I believe that will solve your problem.
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    No offense, but do you realize how goofy it sounds for a Big Tough Teamster to be complaining about the ball of her foot?


    There was a day when Teamsters complained just as much as you do.

    -Probably within your lifetime.-

    But they could DO THE JOB.

    You can’t.

    That’s why “Teamsters” today are unworthy of employment.

    That’s why they’re being permanently replaced.

    That’s why “labor” in general doesn’t want anything to do with a union.

    ‘Nother reason why UPS will go Teamster-free or will go belly-up.
  11. No offense but do YOU realize how gutless and tactless you seem by condemning someone and not even registering like a big boy? Just another supe crying because a driver makes more than they do? Speaking of...

    Mind telling me what it is that you do? You know besides sounding like an ass and making fun of someone who has a genuine injury. The only reason she can't do her job is because some tightwad won't buy another automatic tranny package car for her or some management person isn't managing correctly. I do believe I read other than her difficulty using the clutch she can perform the job.
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    Transfer to my building, you could be a porter, a clerk, a carwasher, take your pick, it beats unloading. Don't you have those options where you work??
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    Uh, what's this got to do with Teamster?

    How about what this has got to do with being a HUMAN????
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    I think I read that in the in the Book of Mathew or one of John's letters!:tongue_sm

    Our "guest", 90216 or whatever number they use a particular day, does come on here "not to offend" Teamsters ever so often. He/she has never posted on what contribution they make to UPS, so I don't know if they are just anti-union hourly or somebody who went into UPS management without realizing that union workers move packages for UPS.
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    OK, I'll play the Cliff Claven role:

    Actually the quote "Jesus hates trolls", comes from the Book of Genesis. When God didn't include trolls as part of his 6 days of creation, one can only assume they were created by the fallen angel, otherwise known as Satan.

    Go ahead, just ask me anything.:wink:
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    90216- What is that the zip code for your LA area hub??? ny the by, if you have suck a bad taste in your mouth for these things, why not work for Fed-Ex?

    Please... UPS lady has been a teamster since 1997... why shouldn't a company, union or not, make a reasonable accomodtion for her???

    Oh yeah and UPS lady... my two cetns worth... totally agee with the post on the custom orthotics... worth a try anyway...
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    Thanks to those who are trying to make suggestions. I have worn orthodics for several years due to Plantar Fasciitis I am not a pretty site when I get up in the morning. I look like I am 90 when I first start walking until the tendons in my foot stretch out. Then I am good to go. The foot pain I have now is a searing hot pain in the left side of the foot from the ball of my foot to just behind the toes going down the side. If I brush the foot during the night I sometimes let out a gasp from the pain.
    I have been dealing with this problem for several months but had kept on working thru the pain thinking it would eventually get better. And since it hasn't that is why I went to the doctor. They are sending me to a neurologist on August 1st. So that will put me out of driving for two and a half weeks by the time I see the doctor. I basically begged my manager to just let me dirve the one automatic (we have 5) that is not being used on a bid route. All but one driver who has asked why I was on the morning shift thought they should switch out the cars. The not so funny thing was when I asked two drivers today if they wanted to trade cars so I could maybe get my manager to let me drive they both so no they love their automatics. One made the remark if I could load or unload cars I could drive anything. And yes I can drive but the searing pain from the pressure being put on that nerve is really a bit much. And yes I zip back and forth as fast as a 48 year old woman can zip snatching packages off of the belt and loading them into the car. But constantly paying attention to stepping up into the car on the right and then out of the car on my right foot trying not to irritate my injury. But that is really not that hard to do since the wrong foot can mean searing pain you learn pretty quick which foot to use. On flat ground it is just sore.
    So I guess for the next few weeks I will just do my best and try and survive the new hours and work. I am thankful to be able to work and not go out on work comp. The morning people also seem to like having me around since I try my hardest and end up wrapping my cars first and then helping other loaders. For the last two days they let me out of the unloading of the feeders. They just put me where they need me.
    So for the not so nice person who made comments about me not doing my job and being a whiner. You need to try and put yourself into someones elses position before you make such remarks.
    Your probably one of the narrow minded guys who think that the women at UPS that drive are catered too. Still looking for that robot who is doing my work for me. That we receive special treatment. The only difference in me and a guy driver in doing the job is that the guys have much more strength overall and can out carry me any day of the week and aren't having any problems getting the over 50 pounders off of the top shelf. With that said I work very hard and give it my all and have the respect of most of the guys in my building. Women probably are more prone to over thinking each stop to get in and out of the car faster and saving time on the quickest path. You always have a couple guys who are threatened by a woman doing the same job as them especially if you do it well.
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    upslady....I had the plantar's F. too. I know nobody believes me, but I started wearing the Balance bracelet and the pain went away.......I used to get up from the chair and not be able to take a step for the pain. It worked for me. My doctor looks at me like I'm nuts.....oh well.
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    "My doctor looks at me like I'm nuts"

    Are you sure that doesn't have to do with you telling him the meatball story???

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    I wore orthics and took cortzone shots in my feet it fixed it. I had the same problem with my feet.
    Going to neurologist suggested by work comp can be dangerous to your health.
    You be amazed at what money ie patients can do to a docs opinion.