unbelivable shipping charge..wow


My wife informed me last night of a christmas present that ups brought today..and what is so funny she said is that the item cost 3.95 and the shipping was 2.76..I nearly fell over..I have never heard of a shipping charge so low..It cam from Miami to here..(tn) and was only 2.76... I looked at the bill and finally asked here what kind of truck brought it..A plain white van..she said..I read the bill again and noticed it was delivered by fedx..now how can this be..a 3 pound package to a residence fl. to tn. for 2.76?????????????? this is un beliveable.........


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Sounds like it might have been from a company who has gotten a substantial volume discount from Fedex. Overstock.com charges only 2.95 for shipping.


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your wife must be something. to tell you last night about a pkg UPS brought today. don't you work for fdx?


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You are misinterpreting this.

It's the same when you get "free" shipping from a company as a special or for buying over a certain amount of product.

The invoice will list shipping as "free".

Rest assured neither UPS, nor FedEx delivered it for free. :lol:

Same is likely for the $2.76 charge, the company she bought it from may or may not do enough business with FedEx to get a break, even substantial (we do the same thing), but they are still most likely subsidizing the shipping cost as a come on.

If they are doing so for a $3.95 product they won't stay in business long unless there is more to this than just what you have posted.

Plenty of dotcoms tried this strategy of losing money on the shipping end in an attempt to gain market share.

QVC originally offered "free" shipping for any and everything people ordered and wanted to send back no questions asked.

Outpost.com for instance initially offered free NEXT DAY AIR delivery via Airborne on all shipments (I loved it), they became successful and ultimately brought their shipping policies back to reality (sigh).

Most just went belly up trying this rather than succeeding at gaining enough market share to survive.

Enjoy the savings where and when you can.


if its FDX ground, dont count on reliability. They dont have to finish the work on thier truck. Abuddy of mine ordered a motherboard and the guy didnt come for three days, said he didnt know where he lived. BS


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Do you know any Yugo owners who were happy with their purchase? :-)<!-- / message -->

I was, with my brother in laws purchase of a Yugo. He won a Murray riding lawn mower in a drawing. I always kidded him about the lawn mower having a bigger engine than his car.:laugh:

Anyway, still have the lawn mower, looooong after the car was trash.