Item damaged during shipping, packaged by UPS Store

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    Hi, I sold a Yamaha Motif Synthesizer Keyboard on ebay. I brought it in to my local UPS Store and paid them to package it and ship it. The buyer recieved the item today and said it was not packaged well and the item was damaged because of it. She said there was only peanuts in half the box, and on the side w/o peanuts, the keyboard was damaged and one of the keys no longer works because of it.

    I'm still awaiting pictures from her to verify the damage, but I went ahead and started the claims process already. Assuming she is telling the truth, they are scheduled to come back to her and pick up the item tomorrow, inspect it, and ship it back to me.

    I have pictures of the item before shipment to prove it was not already damaged prior. The total sale through ebay was $595 for the item, which I will now have to refund to the buyer in full. Considering UPS packaged it and I declared value for $650 (adjusted for shipping costs), is there any way I could end up NOT getting my $595 claim back from UPS?

    I shipped something about a year ago that was packaged myself, and it got damaged during shipping. I was almost denied for insufficient packaging, but ultimately I fought and was awarded my full declared value back. But it was a long drawn out process that I had hoped to avoid ever happening again, which is why I chose to pay extra to have them package it this time. I feel like I did everything right, but I just want to know if there's any loophole or something that they could try to use to deny my claim this time?

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    A major loophole (if u were in my area) would be that our local ups store is a franchise not owned by ups. I think they're all franchises. From ur post I gather that ur saying "ups packaged it". I think u'll have a franchise owner or manager to deal with not only the company. Hope it goes well for ya.......
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    Why don't you wait and see what you get for an answer? BTW, you have to deal with The UPS Store that shipped this for you. They will get paid by UPS for the claim and they are responsible to reimburse you as they are the shipper of record.

    If the store it was shipped from participates in the Pack & Ship Guarantee, you are covered.
    Pack & Ship Guarantee

    The Pack & Ship Guarantee applies to packages:
    •Packed by The UPS Store associates, and using only new materials purchased at a participating location and
    •Shipped, by The UPS Store location that packed it, via UPS on that center’s UPS account to any domestic or international destination serviced by UPS.
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    Be persistant. The newer younger customer service reps. don't have much experience in the real world of UPS. If you talk to them they've seen it all. When they piss off one my customers on a legit claim I just go over their head. Works everytime.
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    you'll be ok.
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    Yes, fortunately the store does have a Pack & Ship guarantee.

    However, I billed the shipping costs to my personal UPS account, not the UPS Stores account. Does that make a difference?

    What I did was I brought the item unpackaged into my local UPS store. I paid a UPS employee to package it, and he used all his own materials which he charged me for. After it was packaged and he gave me all the dimensions/weight, I went on their computer in store and purchased my shipping label online, which I billed the charges to my account. Then he printed the label, put it on the package and said I was all set. I left the package with him and he shipped it out that night.

    I spoke with the store manager and according to him, because I shipped it under my account, I have to go through corporate. How does this affect everything?

    I don't really see how it would affect anything, given that they still are the ones who packaged it and shipped it, but its loopholes like this that get me concerned.
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    You said declared value of $650. Does that mean u paid for insurance on it? Also I know the ups store is an independent franchise but I believe they guarantee all their shipping procedures.
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    Ok, the buyer contacted me again and now she doesn't want to deal with returning it and inspection, etc, and decided she'll just keep it as is. So I cancelled the claim. Can I still get credited for shipping/packaging charges though, since I'm going to get negative feedback now on ebay because of this?

    I paid $120 total for shipping/packaging and the item ends up damaged, I feel I should be refunded. The problem is, because she doesn't want to deal with the inspection process, she likely won't agree to let them come and inspect it if she's not getting anything out of it. Can I just submit photos of the damage, if I just want a credit on shipping costs?
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    Most likely no because the pkg was shipped and received. If there is no claim for damage then no refund.
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    yeah, I'm going to see if she will be willing to file a claim to get some repair costs awarded to her. And if so, then I will get my shipping charges refunded too.

    I kind of question if she;s telling the truth about the damages though. Because she's yet to send me pics of the actual keyboard damaged. Shes only sent me pics of the box damaged. And the fact that she would rather keep it damaged than return it is suspect. I'm starting to think maybe the whole thing was buyers remorse. Maybe she thought she could make up damage as an excuse to return it. But when I told her they were coming to inspect it, she got scared or something and now changed her mind. idk. I'm glad she's keeping it though, as Id rather just get my money now than go through that process again.

    Thanks for all the help guys. :)
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    No claim filed = no damage = successful delivery.

    As far as the negative comment, try reasoning with her that you offered to file the claim for the alleged damage but she refused. There's not much more you can do about that except rely on other positive comments to outweigh this negative.
    No. The claim process involves inspecting both the damaged goods and the packaging.
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    I wonder about her claim also. UPS damage claims involves the driver picking up the damaged pkg and bringing it back to the center for inspection. If they find it damaged, they keep it then refund the shipper. Does she have good reputation on her ebay account?
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    If it is cheaper for UPS to repair the item rather than replace it they may do this. We have had this happen a few times in my center.