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    Help! Who is the new vendor for raincoats that drivers are authorized to wear? I called Cintas & they said they did NOT get the contract for raingear. Thanks.
  2. nflups61

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    Help! Does anyone know who the new vendor is for authorized raincoats for drivers? I called Cintas today and they said that they did NOT get the contract for raingear. So who did? Thanks.
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    the answer is... nobody. I was told by my manager that the ups clothing we bought in the past is no longer ups approved. The knit shirts,sweaters,raincoat,etc. There is a new rain jacket available, check with the person in your center the uniforms. I just got mine, it's not too bad but it does not have a hood.
  4. dannyboy

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    We have a driver delivering close by that has been wearing a pink coat for the last three weeks. All day long. It would seem they dont make an issue out of it.

    I was still wearing the knit shirts last summer that I bought. No one ever told us that it was not official ups uniform gear.

  5. UPSmeoff

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    The raincoats that are UPS approved suck.
    I bought a nice gore tex jacket in brown and havent had anyone say a word to me. I even wrote it off on my taxes. :wink:
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    I still wear the one I bought out of the accessory catalog a few years ago. The new jacket we were issued when we changed logos is a joke, it soaks up water like a sponge. If the weatherman calls for heavy thundershowers, I carry a good raincoat I got for backpacking, and an umbrella works great. Some good waterproof shoes or boots are a must.
  8. ups79

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    who holds the umbrella while you carry the parcels. seriously, I have the raincoat we were able to purchase with lead points. I believe it cost equivalent to $79.00 in lead points. What will you offer me for it? It's Brown but of course with the old logo.
  9. wily_old_vet

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    I have the same one I think-Goretex with a hood. Also have the pants. Goretex is the way to go if you can afford it.
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    I wear a DR bag
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    I just ordered a new winter jacket because my old one was kinda beat,besides I wanted the new logo.I`m impressed with the one they sent.Although its collarless,its made with thinsulite,so its really warm.It also came with a hooded raincoat that when used together are about all I need to keep warm.They each have yellow reflector stripes down the arm so people can see you.Doesn`t UPS supply your uniforms?
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    We haft to trade in one item in order to get one. I was never issued any rain gear, lol.

    Guess I will just wait out the rain and snow in my truck this year.....:w00t:
  13. UPSWidow

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    I just bought my husband a great raincoat with hood from Gander Mountain. It is a dark greenish color with black ....breathable material......$100! but well worth it..........amazing isnt it that a company can be so precise with their packages and cannot develop raingear with hoods??????
  14. ups79

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    Too bad he won't be able to wear it. don't you know by now the color for all uniforms and accessories is brown?
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    Until UPS comes up with a raincoat that is really rainproof for more than 2 hours in the rain, how can they say you can't wear what works? I carry three different coats when it rains and switch out the wet one for the dry when one gets soaked. And women's hair in the rain is a whole new nightmare.
  16. hoser

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    wear a shower cap and swimming goggles, or better yet, a snorkelling mask. that would be amazing.
  17. helenofcalifornia

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    I like the idea of a shower cap underneath the hat. The goggles would save the customers seeing my eye makeup all over too. You guys have it good working in the rain. (if working in the rain in anyway can be considered good)
  18. VoiceOfReason

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    Yes the new "jacket-shell" on the Riverside website (standard uniforms) is actually a raincoat. Ask for a new shell and try it out in the drinking fountain. Water runs off.
  19. helenofcalifornia

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    Good, I repeat, for about two hours in the rain. (Yes, I am talking about the new one. I too was impressed by the water beading off the jacket, but eventually it soaks through)
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    damn UPSwidow was digging back.