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  1. AKCoverMan

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    Just got an order of new browns in. Pants were Twin Hills but the three shirts were good old Riversides! Are we switching back to Riverside? I hope so, the Twin Hills stuff is worn out after three months.
  2. The Blackadder

    The Blackadder Are you not amused?

    Not sure who is giving us uniforms now, but.

    I wish UPS would at least let us buy YES buy good winter clothing, I am so sick of being told I cant wear something that actually keeps me warm and I can work in.

    Nope better to freeze me, please dont let me have any rain gear I work so much faster when I am soaking wet.
  3. AKCoverMan

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    Nod in agreement, take off your rain gear, drive to your first stop, put it back on. If you get observed, let them write you up. Love to be at a panel where they are trying to fire you for keeping yourself dry and/or warm.

    Same thing goes for idle time in the winter. If I need the heat I will idle during break. Soon as its warm I will shut down. Not worried about telematics.