Union and management as one....

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  1. When your local stewards are in bed with management at the terminal, what can you do.....when I say in bed, I mean lying to the members that file complaints, losing greivances, withdrwing greivances with out notifying the member or the hall, making backroom deals to keep their 12 days.....who do you turn to?
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    that's easy get 51%of your members vote out the steward and vote one in who will stand up for the membership.
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    hey indy any word on when fat bob is coming back
  4. don't care, he's a lazy management steward. I'm glad overnite still owns this trucking company.
  5. Can't get enough or all those company stewards would be gone.
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    fat bob isnt a management steward, but davido is

    and neal is worthless
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    You should first talk to your business agent, if that does not help go to your local president. As a last resort go to the International Union.

    Be aware, if you make an acusation against a Union officer you better have more than rumor and he said, she said b/s to back it up. Remember they are your representation!!!