Union Dues while on disability question

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by fbbothsides, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. fbbothsides

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    I am currently off on disability from UPS. I got a withdrawal card from the Union. My question is this: If I return to work on the last day of the month, do I have to pay union dues for that whole month? That is what I've been told from local #100. Is there no such thing as pro-rated dues? How does the union know when I return if I don't tell them? Any help is appreciated.
  2. 705red

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    I guess it all depends on what state your in. Here in chicago we are responsible for our dues while on comp and disability. We could pay them ourselves while we are off (so we are in good standing for any voting reasons, or possible runs for union office) or we could get caught up through payroll deductions when we return.
  3. upsman415

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    You have to pay the dues when you come back to work. Or you can pay it while youre still out...
  4. rapidrandall

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    If you got a withdrawl card and come back on the last day of the month you will be responsible for the entire month's union dues.
  5. fbbothsides

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    This is very unfair to have to pay for the whole month of June if I work just 1 day of the month. I was off all of May and didn't have to pay a dime. By not pro-rating it, the Union is ripping us off IMO.
  6. HazMatMan

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    Who said life is fair?? If you make book the last day of the month, guess what? Union dues for the entire month..They will take it 2 weeks in a row, I have seen it happen..
  7. scratch

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    If we fill out a Withdrawl Card, then we don't have to pay back dues when we come back off disability or workmans comp. At least thats the way I understand it after asking my Local's president. I don't know about that last day of the month bit though. It sounds like the Locals around the country have different ways of dealing with this question. If you are out of work due to an injury, that means you aren't getting a full paycheck and I don't think you should pay dues.
  8. NI1

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    Like someone mentioned, get a withdrawal card.
  9. reydluap

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    I have taken a Withdrawl Card from the Union since March 28th for removal of my left kidney due to Cancer. I was told by my Union Business Rep that I would only have to pay for the partial month that I work when I return to work in late July/early August. We have our union dues divided up and taken out of our pay checks every week.

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    How are you doing, Paul ? Good to see your name again. :)
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    Hey More' After dealing with a near death situation (blood clot and immune system shut down) I have kind of changed my way of thinking. NOTHING that UPS can dish out will concern me. I sometime soon will return to work, do it to the best of my ability and if it's not good enough for them, so be it. I've got 29 years under my belt. I'm just going to go to work, do my thing and leave. We all get caught up in life and hassles and let the stress wear on us. Not me, my enjoyment now is feeding the squirrels and holding hands with my wife. LIFE IS GOOD! Paul
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    Mr. Dyer, welcome back. I wish more people would adopt your attitude. We would all live longer.
  13. Anon

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    Around here dues are taken out weekly so while out get a withdrawl then when you return to work call the local and when you get your first check it goes right back to the weekly amount.