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    I'm originally from a right to work state and just recently transferred to a non-right to work state. I joined the union about a year back in the right to work state. My hourly rate is $11.50. I heard that your dues are supposed to be 2.5 times your hourly rate a month. In the right to work state they would take $7.75 out of my first four paychecks of the month. That's $31 but 2.5 times my hourly rate is $28.75. I never said anything because I didn't think $2.25 a week was really a big deal. Anyway in the state I'm in now things have got real screwy. I'll just go ahead and list the amount of dues they have been taking out of each check and maybe someone one here can explain it to me because I'm really confused. Week 1: $15.50 week 2:$7.75 week 3: $0.50 week 4:$15.50 week 5:$31.00. I should note too that week 1 is in June and weeks 2-5 are in July. If anyone could shed some light on this for me I'd greatly appreciate it.
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    We pay monthly in my area so talk to the shop steward or your local BA. I wonder if they are taking initiation fees? Did you transfer union membership?
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    Get the number for your local and call them, you may need to let them know you've already paid your initiation dues thru another local and give them that info. If you didn't get a withdrawal card when you transferred you may be showing unpaid dues from the time you left one local to the time you showed up on the list for the other. Give the local a call and ask for a dues check off report.
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    Mine are always messed up also.
    I would think with these things called computers, it would you know be correct.
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    when I joined the union in calif. 30 yrs ago we had to pay a one time fee of I believe it was $150.00, then theres a monthly dues. which 4 yrs ago was $50.00. a month. ask a sup they should be able to tell your or ask your union steward
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    Call your union hall.