Union for UPS mechanics rejects proposed contract


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Union for UPS mechanics rejects proposed contract - WDRB

The rejection of the contract means both sides will return to negotiations, which had been going on for years.

UPS mechanics have rejected an offer for a contract with the company.

Louisville-based Teamsters Local 2727 turned a thumbs down to the deal, which could have made the 1,300 aircraft mechanics the highest paid in the country. The five-year contract would have provided an immediate 16-percent raise, retroactive pay for hours worked since November 2013 and continuation of no-premium health insurance.

UPS mechanics, many of whom are based in Louisville at the company’s Worldport air hub, earn more than $100,000 annually, with a “robust” defined-benefit pension plan and no-cost health insurance, UPS told WDRB in 2016.

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I am curious as to why we are only getting 1 side of the story. The UPS/Teamster collusion team has told us their side. We have not heard from actual mechanics. Word is that Retiree Healthcare is still a major road block. These hard working mechanics refuse to throw their retired brothers and sisters under the bus. They also are looking out for their own health care costs when they retire.

The union said health coverage for a retiree and spouse would increase to more than $19,000 in the first year under UPS’s proposal.
“The company is trying to attack our healthcare benefits,” said UPS mechanic Kevin Gawlik, who works at UPS’s maintenance gateway in Rockford, Ill. “When we get close to retirement age… that’s part of the healthcare package that we need because of the strains we put on our bodies.”

What's next? I will tell you. Friday the UPS freight contract will be voted down. The UPS Ground National agreement will most likely be voted down. Multiple Supplements and Riders will definitely go down by a large percentage.