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    GM-UAW reach deal to end strike
    Marathon bargaining session strikes agreement to end two-day strike at No. 1 U.S. automaker;
    union to assume more than $50 billion in retiree health care costs.

    Terms of the agreement were not immediately available, but the statement from the company said the deal includes the establishment of a union-controlled trust fund that will assume responsibility for future retiree health care costs from GM, the nation's No. 1 automaker.

    Getting agreement for that shift of costs, estimated at more than $50 billion, was the key bargaining goal of the talks for GM.

    I had heard the Union taking over the Retirement fund (GM pays 70%) will allow the auto maker to lower car prices by $1200... So if UPS takes over the pension plan will they have to raise shipping costs? Or will they have to lower new hire wages?

    Breaking down the GM Strike: who got what...

    UAW got:
    • <LI _extended="true">An independent retiree health care trust that will be funded with enough money from GM to remain solvent for 80 years <LI _extended="true">Undisclosed job guarantees that we expect includes a promise of investment in particular U.S. plants in preparation for production of new models <LI _extended="true">GM will hire up to 5,000 temporary workers as full-time employees <LI _extended="true">Signing bonuses of an undisclosed amount for all UAW members who sign the contract
    • Wage increases of 3% in first year, 4% in second and 3% in third
    GM got:
    • <LI _extended="true">$50 billion in health care liability off its back after a large one-time payout into independent retiree health care trust <LI _extended="true">Two-tier wage structure, as those 5,000 new hires who were previously temp will be brought in at their current wage of $18/hour, rather than the $28/hour current full-timers earn <LI _extended="true">Undisclosed revisions in the Jobs Bank program that continues to pay laid-off employees
    • Reduction in labor cost to produce vehicles, though might not be realized right away
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    Sounds like they worked out a solid deal for both sides.
    Don't compare apples to oranges.
    GM manufactures stuff.
    We (UPS) do not.
    Their pension was fully funded and solid under GM management.
    GM will continue to fund the pension.
    We, in the teamster CS fund, are in the exact opposite position.
    The teamster CS fund blew it and needs UPS to bale it out.
    Will the bale out come at a cost?
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    :lol::lol: you're kidding right??...thats like trying to take food from a dog thats already eating...you're gonna get bit!!...8.50hr as it is wont get anyone in the door....
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    Too true. Our hubs in many cities--Chicago, Boston, Denver etc--may grind to a complete halt if starting wages for p/t'ers are not proactively addressed with this contract. The new-hires we're getting in Denver are mostly disgraceful misses that make me wonder if the HR rep is asleep at the controls! -Rocky
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    This is why I asked...

    Now as I understand the CS fund... Many other Teamsters were under the plan and not just UPS... It was a level playing field... UPS, Company A, Company B, etc. all paying into the CS fund..

    As they say ALL GOOD THINGS NEVER LAST, many employers went bankrupt/out of business... That left many retired teamsters under the CS Plan without an employer to pay... So do we turn our backs on them?
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    toeknee, Iam from west la to....feeder dept . keep up the fight
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    :thumbup1:..Oh trust me, I do everyday... :thumbup1:
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    I just talked to my brother, he works for GM in Shreveport, LA. GM used to have 400,000 employees, now they are down to 73,000. He wasn't happy with the Strike, it was a stupid move in his opinion. They are going on a two-tiered wage system, and the health plan is going to be run by the UAW instead GM. He works as a Pipe Fitter in what is our version of "Plant Engineering". He is there if the assembly line breaks down or they are doing a model changeover. GM is trying to do away with his job position and sub-contract it out. He has 22 years in, the worst thing that could happen is he would have to go to the assembly line and actually work every day. He used to work eighty hours a week, thats double-time over forty, and triple time on holidays. He used to hit six figures, but is now down to only forty hours. He's fixing to marry his forth wife, a LSU professor, and is enjoying his new Harley Road King. So it sounds like he is doing alright to me.:bored:
  9. DS

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    Nowadays $10 an hour should be the minimum wage.
    After the gov gets its dirty little hands on it,and if you're lucky enough to get 8 hours ,who can afford to live on $55 a day? A respectable company would offer $12 to start if they want people to stay.IMO
  10. brownmonster

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    GM jobs for 18$ an hour. People will line up down the street.
  11. satellitedriver

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    The reason for the underfunding is CS management of the monies intrusted to them.
    If the funds were (past tense) invested in a prudent manner by CS, there would be no reason to want to get out.
    I am vested(stuck) 21yrs with CS.
    I do not work for company A, B or C.
    I work for UPS and the monies given by them for my retirement was squandered by CS by poor financial management.
    the playing field is level, but UPSER's are asked to mow, fertilize and water the grass so others can play their game.
    I do not care about retirees who were not UPSER's. They should have to live with the choice of the team they decided to join.
    Their team lost and we should win.
  12. 705red

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    The only thing i agree with you on is that cs failed in securing your retirement with many bad decisions. But how can you say that upsers are asked to mow, fertilize, and water the grass?

    Of course you dont care about the retirees, you didnt care about us in 97 now did you? How can you bad mouth any teamster retiree no matter what company they worked for? Have you forgotten that we are who we are and make what we make because of the sacrifices of most of these retirees?

    Then you state that their team lost, maybe in your eyes you would like to see them lose, but theres alot of us that will not let these people lose. Many of us look at it as we are all together in this and just because we are upsers we are not better than them. Every man puts his pants on the same way, and it does not matter if you work for company a at $15 an hour or company b at $22 an hour, just because we are the highest paid and have the best benefits does not make us better men and women.

    But i have come to expect this kind of me,me,me talk out of you.

    I have a great idea, we should take all the me,me,me upsers that only care about themselves and give them all satellite routes to get them out of the buildings so we can start rebuilding a stronger ups teamster union!
  13. satellitedriver

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    Blah, Blah, Blah, Red.
    I care only about UPSER's. You care and work for the teamsters, not UPSER's.
    My loyalty stands with the company and all who work for it, past,present and future.
    The satellite route comment really makes no sense, but then again it might to you.
    Apparently, you spend more time in the office fighting the evil UPS than you do driving a pkg. car. While you are ,(as a steward) fighting the good fight, I bet you still draw the hourly wage of a driver working.
    You ask how we are asked to take care of the field.
    Why do you think the negotiations started early?
    You like to trash talk and that is about what it is worth.
    Keep fighting the good fight for all those who are not UPSER's.
  14. local804

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    I thought you had 11 years here?
  15. 705red

    705red Browncafe Steward

    I do not work for the teamsters! I am a driver who happens to be an elected steward to represent the teamster negioated contract on behalf of the members. The teamsters do not pay me to be a steward, i do not pay union dues for being a steward, for a total of $60 some dollars a month for my time. I do get paid by the company while acting as a steward for grievance hearings.

    You come back was blah, blah, blah and say that i talk trash, thats the only answers you have to my questions?
  16. satellitedriver

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    I started in August 1986.
  17. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator

    Your so called questions were answered in my previous post.
    Sorry, I should have said you work harder at being a teamster than you do as a driver.
    Stand tall, fight the good fight and hold the companies feet to the fire, because without a union I doubt you could hold a job at UPS.
  18. 705red

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    My questions were to your slanderous remarks on all of our retirees! Please if you plan on bad mouthing the retirees and leavingf them out in the cold, at least have the stones to explain why you feel that we should turn our back on the retirees!

    When im at work my customers do not know im a teamster union steward. It is my job to provide them with the best service which is what they pay for. Even if it doesnt please ups management, ie, dispatcher just because i might not make their numbers i can tell you that my customers go home everyday knowing that i care about them and their business. Now if that makes me a so called better teamster than a upser because i always fight with management for the members, then i can live with that and sleep soundly at night. I dont regret any of my decisions at ups and i am proud to be a upser to my customers.

    What does someone with your crudentials know about standing tall? How can you give this advice when you are known to be a snake and breaking in 97 to cross the picket line. If you truley cared about your fellow upser you would have "stood tall", but you didnt and now you reap the benefits from our struggle in 97 and reap the benefits of the loses that our retirees lived through to provide you with a secure and stable job with the best pay and benefits. I hope you can sleep at night and really have a hard time cashing your check every friday, because truthfully you have not earned any of it!
  19. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator

    I will reap the benefits of the 97' strike, when I retire with CS. What a sweet deal that will be.
    I sleep very well, thank you.
    And, I enjoy banking my check especially when I see that the teamsters no longer get any of the money UPS pays me to do my job.
  20. local804

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    I wasnt aware SD was a picket line crosser. Do you think if he worked in a center and became friendly with his employees he would have crossed it? Do you think if he had a friendship bond with his fellow workers and went to all the affairs (retirement parties,promotional parties-feeder ect) he would have crossed? I dont think so. If he had a first hand view of how UPS treats thier employees with the intimadation and threats I am pretty sure he wouldnt have crossed. Out of approx 2500 employees in my building, only 2 crossed. They both no longer work for the company with 1 leaving from management. The union is only as strong as its weakest link. Its a good thing our chain is strong.
    804 mf