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    I need some advise about the union. I have been working as a pt preloader for about a year, in a state where union membership is optional. I asked management about joining the union and they said 'save your money'. Other preloaders I have asked are split on membership and I have never been approached by a union rep. What are the pros and cons of joining the union that mgt wont tell me about? Thank you.
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    words for the wise: anytime someone with a tie or a name tag (or both) open their mouths, they are full of ****.
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    It was actually management which encouraged me to join the union, after a little mishap while on my packet. I am a believer if you make their job easier, they will help watch your back....However, you still need to do whats right, honest, and ethical. However, as drivers, no matter how much you follow the methods, habits, etc, there isnt a driver out there who has not done something, they are glad management didnt know about.
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    PRO'S......Job security, If and when there is a layoff it goes by seniority any none union workforce will be gone first! If you make a mistake they can't fire you on the first f*ckup, non union you are gone before you even know what it was you did wrong! If you want full time it goes to union workforce before non union. Plus if you are non union it's easier to drag you into stupervision. CON'S....Union dues, but in the long run it's a cheap insurance policy to keep your job and it's something to be proud of!!!!My opinion to you is, go union and go full time and stay out of management. And you will have a comfortable life:thumbup1:
  5. Joining the union put a line of defense between you and management. It's always best to have SOMEONE on your side. The only problem is when you get some lamea_ _ BA that wants to defend everyone. The BA needs to be man/women enough to tell a brother or sister that what he/she did was/is wrong. Stop defending the problem employees, this will make more time for the people that need the defense.
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    Hey Under...I totaly disagree with your post...It's the B/A's job to represent everybody being a deadbeat or not! Unfortunatly not everybody stay's out of trouble. As a stewart I have to represent the good and the bad. Eventually the bad always have their day. It's only fair to represent everybody, who are we to judge who's good and bad!!!!
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    don't join the teamsters they will do you worse than the company ever could they will steal your pension increase dues anytime they want and charge you for a strike fund they deny (sometimes) to even having. If you want a union that will stand up for it's people go to Parcelworkers - A NEW LOOK! WHAT MAKES THIS UNION LOOK DIFFERENT'' learn about the APWA and spread it through your center contact the leaders on the sight and get a meeting time set for your area
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    That covers a lot of church goers.:ohmy:
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    Dare I say it. Some people need the union a lot more than others. For most the biggest benifit is collective bargaining. For some its someone to keep them company on their many trips to the principles office.
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    Well the way I see it coming for a right to work state. You should join the union because #1 the union will protect you either way if you screw up but if your not paying dues the help won't be as strong. #2 It's the right thing to do just think of where we would all be if it were not for the union and all those before have struggled and fought for. JMHO
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    You should join the Union. We get paid the way we do because of contract talks etc. Jim Casey (One of the founders of UPS), Invited the Teamster union. The Teamster Union didn't force themselves upon UPS.

    Now what I dislike about the Union, there was a dues increase to help organize FredEX. I haven't seen a big push to organize them. There was trouble with the Central States Pension.

    I am in a right to work state, and it dumb founds me to see those "non-union" workers getting benefits etc. that I do. They believe UPS just agreed to pay them that way.

    Sure we get paid good, but as a proud UPSer, UPS is getting their moneys worth. I think a majority of hourly employees are the same.

    It could be worse for UPS-They could have GM employees.

    My dues are taken out weekly. I would generally waste the $17.00 a week on junk food.
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    Just start asking your friends at other jobs how their benefits, medical, vision, dental, vacation, pension, sick days, holidays, personal days, guaranteed raises, cost of living raises, funeral leave/pay, jury duty pay, holiday work pay, disability pay, guaranteed overtime pay, 401K, Direct Deposit, voice in the workplace/negotiations, if they even have any of these at all. Seniority is the biggest one I like so the managers cant get away with only working, promoting, assigning extra work/overtime, filling easier routes/jobs/work areas to their buddies/good ole boys/babes/rookies/whitesonly/etc etc THE UNION PROVIDES A SENIORITY SYSTEM THAT PREVENTS DISCRIMINATION BE IT RACIAL/GENDER/AGE/OR OTHERWISE. It blocks the teachers pets and brown nosers from stealing what is rightfully yours. Join the union and fight for what is yours and your familes. There is strength in numbers. Make the union work for you.
  13. I am a college student, and came across this site when I was doing some research for my business course. We are discussing advantages/disadvantages of unions and how they may work in the service field,(clarical workers, IT, nurses, loan officers, etc....). I just wanted to thank you guys/ladies for your input. It was very useful to me, and I was able to find several advantages and disadvantages. From what I have learned, it seems that job security is the most important. I work for a "non-union" utility corporation and we have several of the benefits that most union workers have, (health, dental, vision insurance, paid vacation, holiday, personal days, jury duty, FMLA, Short term disability, and so on), but unfortunately the company is going through some financial turmoil, and we have 2 centers, (one is union and the other is non-union). They are getting ready to due some job cuts, and of course the union employees are safe. Thanks again for the input. Go Brown!!
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    I freakin hate the union, but I'm apart of it. Don't rock the boat.
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    union kinda handy caped them selves in the right to work states, even tho they don't pay dues the still get the union represent them durning the disaplen process. we have a weak local and issue takes months to get solved.
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    I could rant for hours about unions. It's not the concept of having a union but the abuse and corruption that comes with it. That was not what unions were intended for. For me insurance is just like car insurance. You hate paying for it but are sure glad you do. I believe the APWA would be better. If we end up being stuck with the Teamsters I'll be disappointed but they are better than nothing.
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    IF YOU dont
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    Time to join and vote for the APWA see Parcelworkers - A NEW LOOK! WHAT MAKES THIS UNION LOOK DIFFERENT'' or apwa
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    I hate the teamsters, but after seeing what the aMFA did to mechanics over at NWA, I am even more against rogue unions.
  20. Proof is in the Pudding! Overnite kept the union out, and everyone did Great, making good money, Good benifits, Great 401K, ETC,ETC,
    and all this WITHOUT any UNION, while keeping them out,even thru there Shooting our drivers, throwing bricks thru our windows, telling our custs. to not use ovnt. ETC.ETC. YOU DO NOT NEED A UNION IF YOU DO YOUR JOB, AND DO IT WELL, only people that need a crutch need a union, no disrespect to anyone, just my opinion.