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  1. ​You are all idiots. R1A's advice was the only thing that could have saved Express. You old timers are so afraid of vengeance from management if you get caught advocating IBT, yet let me pose this question... When you retire, IF you make it, what will you have to show for it? A really :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ty monthly payment? You invested a third of your life into something that you despise in exchange for a payout that you probably can't even live on, if you get it at all. And new guys, you're going to end up being fired or more likely you'll end up quitting in a few years anyway. WAD is a bunch of boloney and is only a self defense mechanism to make it one more day to an invisible retirement. Every day you work, you contribute to the very model you despise. If you are all too lazy to unionize, you deserve every bit of treatment you get. Fred will ride you all the way, unchecked and raking in record profits, until everything is Ground and there is no retirement. He will have 0 employees and 100,000 employees at the same time. What's most ironic of all is that you all despise Fred so much, yet you remained employed by him making him money. WAD is actually very effective. It reduces accidents and maintains productivity. Why would he fight it? Unionize or wither away. I don't see the reason not to, and I have been in the trenches for 15 years as a courier to a now SM, so don't tell me I don't know what it's like. I actively push unionizing here, and have been for years.

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    If you are a sm then you are part of the problem. You have inside info that could help organize a union campaign that would give us and the IBT an important tool against FedEx. Why don't you go to the IBT and "help" get it started?
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    Why would we take advice from someone who can't manage his weight? Sorry, cheap shot, I'm 285 myself. Why is it though that guys like you come on here and excoriate people who are actually interested in unionizing? Your complaints are singing to the choir. Most couriers don't even know this forum exists. As for R1a read his writing a little closer. While he too harangued us as cowards he kept saying over and over that unionizing is about impossible now. He seemed to just enjoy dumping on us. And WE are the ones who have stayed with the company, not R1a. MFE is near the end of his run with the company, many of us have near term plans to leave. I keep coming back here hoping to glean some new info that might affect my plans to leave. Otherwise it's like a divorce, I don't love the company anymore and would rather strike out on my own than spend anymore time with it. My best unasked for advice is get over it. We had a shot in 2009-2010, got beat by deep pockets and greedy betrayal. As the saying goes it's all over but the crying. And all the weeping, crying, gnashing of teeth won't change it.
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    Yes there are many older drivers who are afraid of loosing what that have but just as many realize that if the company was unionized in the next year or two, (not likely), they would not be around long enough to see much of any benefit from it.
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    True. I only expect to be here for another year or two, and maybe less if my wife changes jobs and I can get on her insurance. I would stand to benefit very little from a union, but my goal here isn't me, it's the newer people who can either create change or move-on to something better.
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    Why don't you just call the IBT tomorrow for us since most of us here will be working and convince them to hand out cards outside the stations parking lots and arrange for legal protection while your at it.

    Just one question though. Where do you work at and are you in a union?
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    Really....the IBT... come on now we are smarter than that.

    Most of us old timers that have been around the block once or twice....or several thousand times in our career KNOW that is not the answer.

    UPS has so many districts, labor contracts that vary from literally city to city....keep in mind WHO really built Las Vegas and skimmed the unions to do it.

    I have always been a blood red republican but in the last 10 years or so I can clearly see that some sort of collective agreement would have benefited us worker bees at express. Especially when Enron burned and our pension was stolen, when most stayed with the traditional pension plan... we were then forced to the portable pension and got the :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: end of the stick all the way on that one.

    We were very close at the beginning of the Obama error. They actually sent management to MEM to train them how to talk us out of signing an union card.... THEY WERE SERIOUSLY CONCERNED it WAS going to happen....but now all hopes are dashed.

    Most all of us can recall when the pilots did the their union. Oh, gnashing of the teeth...pity fedex..we will be broke in a month....

    Guess what. The pilots organized their OWN union, by their OWN people and we never heard another word....last I checked the planes are still flying.

    Websites are cheap...I mean really cheap. I would like to see us organize with truly honest concerns but the teamsters are broke very similar to the plight of social security.... too many drawing and not enough paying.

    The FedEx Courier Connection website could be very easily started and just like the "200 year old flawed document"...OF the couriers, FOR the couriers and BY the couriers.

    Host gator has some really good rates....all those in the loop could tell the others that are not. Sometimes we can't see the forest for the trees.

    I am over 2/3rds well on the way to the end of my career.....I see senior employees fired for nothing to replace them with newbies with no vacation liability who will never top out....that is the new improved FedEx Express.

    Could have, would have....SHOULD have. Those fly boys are sharp and have NEVER needed to even talk about a strike....the planes are flying tonight.

    Keep flying boys...and we will keep driving.
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    as i see it Federal Express did the "bait-n-switch" on their couriers when it changed their name to FedEx & saw how team green can do a similar job for less or no bennies and zero OT & no vacation/sick pay
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    You will never unionize this company. Short of some major scandal or a series of tragic accidents, something that actually shames this government to action, nothing will change. The company has too much money and political clout to be touched. All those class action lawsuits brought by Ground contractors have produced little more than mental masturbation. Put your energy towards finding a better job, or leaving transportation entirely and doing something else.

    HIGHTOWER: FedEx Writes Its Own Ticket | Alternet
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