Unit Numbers and your payed day?

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    If your center is going threw a re-loop and or vurtuial time studies, or your payed day keeps jumping all over the place, take a look at your unit numbers ! My center has been changing the unit numbers and that means all the allowences went to a lower flat resi or DR allowence. Pick up's and deliveries ! Not just my route but many others as well. They can change the unit # and allowence to what ever I.E. need's to make any route pay what they want! I think they change the route's at re-loop so they can change the allowence without a back pay or 9.5 issue. Take a look, don't forget we have a 800 # if your shop doesn't want to listen. Their company but if your one of the lucky one's (punish the good reward the bad) don't get punished for their numbers ! Unit numbers, if they change so does your payed day.......
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    who cares? follow the methods, drive safely, work safely and do your best.
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    I gave up on the bonus program when they brought in Edward. Every year I get a raise and more work and less time to do it.
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    Dear friend,
    9.5 isues are based on your actual hours worked, not your plan day. As for the changing of unit numbers, I know nothing about that. I get paid by the hour. There is however some language in the contract about timecard corrections must be initialed by the driver. Not sure if this would be considered i timecard correction, but it would be worth asking.
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    Most of us w/kids care. I get dispatched 8.8/9.2 planned which means 9.8/10.2 on the gd days. I didn't take a resi DR route 10 years ago to stay out all night. If you need or want the hrs. great but I would rather make a practice or two. Opt-in , 9.5 , 9.5 , 9.5, 28 I think with 3 different management teams and fight the fight with a HUGE target on my back ever day. I just shag cardboard boxes bro, it's not rocket science, and I should be able to come to work without the fight. It would be much easier if I too like you didn't care.....
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    With respect and some understanding of your situation most of us know about the kind of stuff you are going through. It is not new and will likely not change soon. UPS has always used their numbers to their advantage and we all know it. Rather than be upset when these guys tell you to just do your best, you need to know that we all wear that target from time to time. We all get big days that we don't want at times and the company is not above changing the allowances midstream in the game. We all would like to think we have some control over this, but we do not. All we have any control over is how we do our job. That is why you have to give that the most attention. The ones that figure this out sooner are the ones that stop playing it the way you are letting yourself be played.
    Best thing you can do is figure out a way to make it work for you. There is so much politics from day to day you have to find a better place to be than in the crosshairs. By all means file a grievance if you feel you have no other optionan but first look for obvious things you can do yourself using the situation as it exists. Maybe you have the ability to change routes if this one is always heavy. If you are being singled out there are ways of addressing that too. The 800 number will likely be more of an asset with that than it would be for how much they jockey unit numbers and the like. You will come off as a heretic if you attack the almighty WOR. I wish it were not so, but it is.

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    that will pretty much take care of most issues...and, as a general comment, you make more OT doing the job the right way. DR bags, complete D-notes, and so on...
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    I just shag cardboard boxes bro, it's not rocket science, and I should be able to come to work without the fight.

    Profound statement my friend!
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    I'm not sure what is going on in your area but let me give you some information on how the process works. (or is supposed to work).

    When a time study is completed and approved by the IE manager, the allowances go into GTS (its the timecard reporting system). As you say, there are allowances by unit number. This has been the case for as long as I can remember. It is the true keeper of the allowance and is closely audited.

    For planning purposes, those allowances are downloaded to the planning system. Also in the planning system every address range in the DIAD has an assigned unit number.

    If you went through a virtual time study (or a traditional time study) they would update the allowances in GTS and download it to the planning system. The unit number assignments to an address would be unchanged.

    If you went through a re-looping, then for an address range in the DIAD, the loop, unit, and sequence would change. That change would likely be synchronized with an appropriate allowance update in GTS. The overall center allowance would be unchaged, but the allowance for individual units would be updated due to the realignment.

    ANY change in the unit numbers or allowance changes are flagged. They record what changed, who changed it and when. A regular PDS login to the system does not even allow them to edit the unit numbers.

    They may have screwed things up, or they may have been making edits over multiple days (not a good practice).

    It is NOT true that the IE or the PDS can play with the units to make an IE number or to impact the 9.5 issue. I've done this too long and in too many centers to believe that.... This is an offence that is very easily caught and will result in termination.

    If you escalate the issue, ask to see the report that shows the changes. That would prove or disprove your theory.