United Airlines Set to Fire 600 Employees...


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A private company can require anything they want.
You will lose any lawsuit from any angle.
I mean both parties are corportatist. But it is the goal of elected republicans to weaken worker's rights. So it is like mfer you are voting in the party that will write the laws to give employers even more control, but then i remember republicans don't care about policy.
I know, these people are insane. Im like your employer as a condition of employment can compel you to give them your blood to have it tested, so they can know your health. They make you fill out forms that give them your whole medical history RIGHT NOW. They can randomly drug test RIGHT NOW as a condition of employment anytime they want. This is the world we live in RIGHT NOW the idea that a large percentage of workers used to that level of employer control are going to quit their jobs over a vaccine is just pure make believe
I got my vaccine but I have plenty of other people that do not plan on getting it so let's see how this all plays out


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I don’t like any of it.
But, the writing has been on the wall for a good while. It’s written in ink now that doesn’t leave you wondering .
Live it up.

Box Ox

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Better hire Rudy. Look at his track record with the Big Lie.

"Rudy Giuliani admitted under oath that his "evidence" of voter fraud in the 2020 election came partly from social media and that he did not interview or fact-check his sources."