United Airlines Set to Fire 600 Employees...

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We gotta stop pretending. I just read posters and I just don't understand the world they live in.

RIGHT NOW employers can make you get a drug test. They can compel you RIGHT NOW to get a physical with a blood test, they can weigh you, ask you what medicines you are taking, they can find out all about your health RIGHT NOW. Pretending that the same workers who exist in this reality will in large numbers quit their jobs over a vaccine is just make beleive. I bet of that 600, 200 or less quit.

OK,. It's one thing for an employer to know your health condition. To do a drug test, a blood analysis, weigh you. These are all passive tests to know their liability for employing you. It's another thing for an employer to force you to inject something into your body as a condition of employment.

This is reality. The vast overwhelming majority are not going to quit their job over a vaccine considering the level of control employers already have over workers health right now. We have got to stop having these phony pretend discussions. It is so fcking boring and tedious.

They have no control over your health. They can run tests to determine their liability for employing you. But they cannot force you to have surgery, lose weight, stop smoking, eat healthier, etc.

So why should they be able to force you to inject something into your body that you do not want?

What's all so tiresome is to read about worker's rights from posters who regularly vote for the party in America who are openly dedicated to weakening worker protections. But I forget public policy isn't what drives the vast majority of republican voters

They have the right to vote for whom they want just like they have the right to decide what is, or is not, injected into their bodies.

know, these people are insane. Im like your employer as a condition of employment can compel you to give them your blood to have it tested, so they can know your health. They make you fill out forms that give them your whole medical history RIGHT NOW. They can randomly drug test RIGHT NOW as a condition of employment anytime they want. This is the world we live in RIGHT NOW the idea that a large percentage of workers used to that level of employer control are going to quit their jobs over a vaccine is just pure make believe

Knowing your health condition and testing you is a far cry from mandating you inject something into your body that you do not want to do.

People are mostly all talk and bs when it comes to that. If it is mandated 95% of all Americans will get the vaccine. Already over 75% of adults have gotten at least one shot.

So, if 75% of adults jump off a bridge, are you going to jump?

Let me know how that works out for you.
Good shut all the flights down right before the holiday weekend maybe the airlines will change their mind