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  1. gripitnripit

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    I'm reading about all the different questions concerning our jobs.(off area luunh, proper procedures on how to record packages and etc etc etc) I would think UPS would be a better company if they would publish a company wide rules, regulations and procedure book that we can refer to if we have any dispuites. I'm getting conflicting instructions daily from Center managers, Stupidvisors, OMS clerks and even P/T Sups. I understand that they are making the rules up as they go, partly because they dont have a clue of whats going on. If I had a $1.00 for everytime a customer told me the other driver or centers do it or I dont care what the center manager said I'm instructing you to! I would be a rich man. UPS customer service and employee relations are falling apart and I blame promotion of ignorance. UPS and I need uniformity not only in procedure but with UPS, customer and employee relations which a Rules and Regulation book would promote. What does everyone else think?
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    I think you need to go to your steward and get a copy of your contract. That would be the starting point in your quest for guidelines in the event "we have any dispuites (sic)".

    Perhaps you can expound upon the "conflicting instructions" you are receiving that you seek uniformity for. What is an example?

    It sounds like you are getting different answers from different management folks?
  3. browniehound

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    We already have a universal rule book. Its called national contract.
  4. cachsux

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    What does it specificly say about the points he brought up?
  5. browniehound

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    Nothing, thats why I suggested it. Its supposed to be a rule book, but it doesn't address many of our everyday issues.
  6. DS

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    Doug I think it would be a great idea.For all we know
    Jim Casey had the only copy.I`m not talking about union
    vs company here,just a book concerning the proper way
    to do our jobs.I`ve heard there's like 340 "methods" that
    we are supposed to follow,but I've yet to see it in print.
  7. local804

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    I agree with Doug on this one. All of the "so called rules" that keep changing as the job progresses. Dont listen to brownie, gosh darn they are hot!
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    Brownie, gained 4 games in under 2 weeks. Get out your bible and start saying your prayers!
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  14. toonertoo

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    Lets look at the rules, as we know them.
    Anyone knows you cannot work stoned.
    Anyone who does should be fired. We dont need a rule book for that.
    Think of the things that we have discussed on here
    What is considered an unscheduled pu, vs scanning an ars label, within another stop.
    What is considered a dup stop vs another stop.
    when your lunch breaks start and end, when and how far can you go out of your area.
    When seniority counts, when it doesnt.
    How to work upsers.com, how to rescue a check, when to change it, when you should get it, all unanswered question, or ten different answers.
    How to check on sales leads, and how to make sure they are followed up on.
    When its ok to refuse to drive a truck and when it isnt, and can you be fired for refusing.
    Funeral pay and what time frame is acceptable to get paid.
    If you know there is a dog in the yard, and you get bit, did you break a rule. Since you knew it could be dangerous, or do you take a chance on a complaint since you didnt attempt.

    You work off the clock to get done earlier, and no one says a word, and that is in a rule book, but it benefits more people than it hurts, supposedly, so its ok to break that rule, just not this rule.
    Sexual harrassment, who could know if you tell some lady she looks nice, you could be harrassing her?
    Its enough to drive a person to drink.
    Anymore unanswered questions not in "the book"
  15. 1989

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    Where I come from, working off the clock is a firable offense.
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    We'll see.......Last time I checked Mets are still in first......Yankees are still out of the playoffs....
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    my typo
  19. DS

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    Tooner,I know here in the cafe we've probobly covered every rule and how to record info in the board and stuff.I just think
    someone should put it all in writing, so there would never be
    any doubt about the proper procedure.Like delivering to a
    business that is run in an apartment with public access,
    or driver releasing to a different address...theres lots of
    different scenarios for each type of delivery and what is
    being delivered and it would be nice to have no "grey areas"
    so our butts are always covered if a delivery goes awry.
    If you`re not sure what to do,pull out your ups book of
    commandments and look it up.
  20. toonertoo

    toonertoo Most Awesome Dog Staff Member

    I am in total agreement, so we use our best judgement, but depending on who you are who is your boss, and what the last boss told you, can get you fired.