Unjust Disqualification for Package Car Driving Position:


Hi UPSers, I’m a PT UPSer for more than 5 years. I was called for package car driver position. I completed one week in-class training and then went to my assigned center to drive. In 5 working days, I was trained by 3 different supervisors on two different routes.

I had been driving safely, so I had never hit anything. Lately, I was told that I’m being disqualified because I’m not able to do my job on assigned time and could cause late Next Day Airs or service failures. Even though, I had only driven one day 70% of the day and I was never given an opportunity to drive myself. I’ve an excellent driving record, no traffic violation or accidents in past 5 years. The first supervisor who was training me broke into tears a couple of times on my first day of training on my route, since he had 10 late Next Day Air Packages.

On my last day of driving, my training supervisor was trying to make me believe that I’m not ready for this job so I should try after like 6 months. He insisted me to write a statement on my training packet, that “ I myname disqualify myself for the package car driving job” which I refused to write.

Now I’ve filed a grievance against my unjust disqualification since I was never given a chance to drive by myself either. A hearing is expected in a few days.

What do you guys think of my situation, any suggestion? :confused:1


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From what you posted, why in the world was a Supervisor driving while training you? And if he was driving, then why did the both of you have ten late NDAs? Its been twenty-five years since I was in your position, but it used to be that the Supervisor sat in the jumpseat for a week while telling me what to do. You can't get used to the Package Car watching someone else drive it. Its a hard job, you have to hustle all day to do it. It took me a couple of times before I made it. The first time I went out, I went out on one route and thought I was doing alright. The next week, I was put on a different one, and it didn't work out for me. I have always been a Bid Driver, thats the way it used to be done. We didn't have Cover Drivers back then, and I didn't have to become a Swing Driver. I don't know how anybody makes it now, often new drivers are sent out on routes blind. I doubt that I could make it as a new driver now.
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You can say that againg scratch king, i've been coverage for 2 years and have been out on 31 differeint routes. Won't say i "know" them all, but i've taken them out. But i digress from this thread hijacking. This smell like garbage. If you had 10 late airs, and your supe was on the car with you, then its just as much their fault as it yours. It shouldnt disqualify you. In fact the way it is here you should get : 3 rides with a supe and 30 days on the same rte. Anything that goes down wrong when the supe is on the car shouldnt be held against you. But then again, remember who you're dealing with. If your grievance is successful and you get another shot at qualifying, i can almost GUARANTEE, they will throw everything they can at you to get you to quit or dq. Keep that in mind, and don't let them get to you. Just do EVERYTHING that you're supposed to do. Safety and service, and you got nothing to worry about.


I thank all of you for your very encouraging feedbacks. I never took the driving job easy. Having a union and folks like you, keep a rookie’s spirit alive and strong.


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3 days with a sup and 30 days to qualify. Mngmt would like to see a graph of your paid over time decline day by day.