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    i have a few questions and was wondering if any of you could help. im sure you have heard most of these.

    i was wondering if there was a set time limit when it comes to unloading a trailer.

    also, when the unload is done and they call break are the unloaders entitled to a break as well?

    another one is during break can the sups call a PCM?

    when a sup says seniority doesnt matter anymore is it true? does seniority only apply to certain things?

    when an employee transfers to another building does he keep his seniority for vacations over those who have less years total but who have been working in the building longer?

    when a sup shows favoritism with certain employees with low seniority over those who have more can something be done about it?

    is telematics really that bad?
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    To answer your first question--- at some point in your career you will realize that you will never hear them say "you're doing your job fast enought" at UPS.
  5. There is no set time limit, but there is a flow rate UPS expects their Unloaders and Sorts to work at which is 1200pph. That is basically calculated by taking the number of packages the Unloader or Sorter moves within a certain time from and multiply that by 20. I have been off the floor for a while so I forget the exact time frame.

    Well that really depends on how your hub works, I know sometimes if we are behind the 8-ball due to availability of trailers and did not turn the required amount to get all the bays we need we sometimes leave a couple of trailers that are close to getting finished (usually within 5-15mins) running. Once that team finishes the trailer they are in we send them to break. Sometimes we also do individual breaks if we got slammed with trailers.


    It applies to various aspects of the job, there are a lot of gray areas, especially with the different riders. For instance in my hub we usually run 4 bulk guys, but if we need a 5th we will grab somebody who has been trained and certified to do bulk, from another area. But in doing so making sure to grab the person with the most seniority as they are entitled to have first go. Now if they choose no to do it we will go to the next senior person and so on.