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    Can someone point to the language that requires a part time employee to take a 30 minute unpaid break if they work over 8 hours?

    On that note, can someone point to language that requires a full time employee to take a 30 minute unpaid break?
    If there is no language in the contract can someone explain the company policy or entity that can force this?

    Can someone point out to me the language that if for whatever reason you can't stop working for 30 minutes due to service failures, missed deliveries or pickups, or would not complete work within 14 hours whatever, management can change your timecard to take away 30 minutes of paid time even though you did not stop working for 30 minutes?

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    State law?
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    If they are going to take away 30 minutes of paid time.....take the break..problem solved.
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    It's required for anyone working 8 or more hours.
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    I appreciate the response but this does not answer my question.

    WHERE does it say that it is required that I must take a 30 minute unpaid break if I work 8 hours?
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    If you are in California, it is state law that if you are full-time, you must take a 30 minute lunch/break.

    And with UPS, that will be unpaid time.
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    The sort rider for part time under meal periods, the supplement for the full time under meal period....and its state law to provide a 30 minute meal period if you work 8 hours in California. On your last issue about them taking away time, you need to take your full lunch and breaks. You are being put in a corner that you can't get out of. If you work over 12 hours you are supposed to take an additional 30 minute unpaid meal period before the 12th hour on the clock.
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    Besides pointing out the obvious, what did I do?
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    Why would you not take your break???