Unused personal days

I just received my check for unused sick and personal days and noticed they werent live checks but deposit advices. Im okay with this but when I checked my account only my weekly payroll check was posted. I wonder if this has happen to anyone else because of a so called mistake and what would be the interest earned for a week on these monies company wide? I wouldnt put this past UPS especially after the helper referral program scam. I turned in 5 referrals and all were hired but I didnt receive the $200 dollars per referral because UPS only worked them for 4 consecutive days in a row to keep from paying.


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Just a little curious here, you stated that you recieved check for unused sick and personal days. In our district you can recieve pay for unused sick days but the personal days are use them or lose them, wondering what happens in other areas.


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"...we have no sick days.."

Dude, thats uncivilized. I hope you guys get together and demand some paid sick days with the next contract.