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    So, I've been working for UPS for 3 months now. I started back in July as a preloader and was then moved to pick-off and I was told today that I am being moved to the route slide and part time clerk and then in December, I will become a full time clerk and drop the route slide... I'm just curious what the intentions of my supervisors are. Is this a promotion of sorts? Or am I just moving sideways? Can anyone who has clerked or worked on the route slide give me some info on what I can expect or how routing compares to being a pick off?
  2. In my experience, it is a sign that "they" want to see what you can do, how quick you can catch on, and your "true" work ethic.
    There may be a difficult assignment coming your way. That is by design. Stay the course and stay focussed on the end result. Take risks, but advise your Sup as to what you want to attempt.
    Believe it or not, in the good old days, people like you rose to become CEO. Those days may/my not be over, but if you're sincere and driven to achieving results, you could have a very successful, albeit frustrating and demending, career.
    UPS is not for everyone.

    Regards & Best Of Luck:

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    That is a skilled position that gets a dollar more an hour than preload. Sounds like a move up to me
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    When my sup came and told me that I'd be moving, the informed me that the p.t. sup that trained me, who will happen to be my sup when I move to route is unsure about moving me over there because they are bringing a person who I'm told is one of the hardest workers we have to put into my area. Sup1, who told me that I would be moving, told me that he didn't share the other sup's concern, but it just made me wonder if they actually believe that I can do the job.
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    when I first started, I was loading package cars, then I was moved to pick off, aren't they both the dollar more/hour jobs? I didn't think I'd be making any more money...
  6. Just do your best and don't become influenced with the politics of the union/management/etc.
    Do your best, maintain a positive attitude, don't try too hard for the next level or the next $$ position and the rest will take care of itself.
    Check back in one year because there are probably many others that have been in your position previously and you have to think strategically. (You never know who you'll be reporting to). Be humble!
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    Welcome to the tightest ship in the shipping business. Unfortunately, the moves are not for your benefit. Your boss is trying to find a position for you that fits both you and the company. With a little luck, he will be successful. He gets an A for creativity. Meanwhile, you'll keep busy becoming multi-tasked in your building. Which isn't all that bad. So just enjoy and have empathy for the guys still stuck in the unload.
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    I gotta ask. Did you mean demanding or demeaning?!?!?!?!
  9. A bit of both
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    LOL! I agree then!
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    All these moves at the part time level are just sideways shifts. No real promotion at all. Only promotions you can earn at PT level are air driver, full time driver, supervisor, ect. These are positions that carry with them more responsibility and higher pay.
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    The moves may indeed be sideways but you are gaining exposure to more parts of the operation which can only help you if you plan to make this your career. Good luck.
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    It also helps if she is rather attractive.
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    And how exactly, would my looks help me in my positions? lol
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    Haha, no need to apologize. I was just curious :)
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    what does "pickoff" do?
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