UPS: A Wonderful Company At A Fair Price

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    UPS: A Wonderful Company At A Fair Price - Seeking Alpha

    The biggest risk that UPS faces is a slowdown in the global economy. Of course, throughout history the global economy has had its ups and downs and I expect the future to be no different. I would use the lower earnings-- and thus, lower share price-- during any future global economic slowdowns to buy UPS for the long-term.

    UPS is, in my opinion, one of the few stocks that investors should buy and hold. While UPS is certainly not cheap, it is also not so expensive that the price is unreasonable. UPS is, without doubt, a wonderful company. With history and scale like no other in its industry, UPS has major advantages that make it a terrific company to invest in.
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    At one time the name of the game for UPS was Service. That has gone away because now the primary focus is on short term profits at the expense of long term growth. UPS stock is a very bad long term investment.
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    Mainly in respect to the cost of their Union workforce in the US.

    Other than that, UPS looks very solid operationally and financial fundamentals.
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    If you look at it in terms of Logistics and globally, then yes, UPS stock will make money. I was referring to their historic business model of delivering packages.