UPS Adds More Than 12,000 Zip Codes To Earliest Delivery Service

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    • Service expands; changes name to UPS Next Day Air® Early
    • Healthcare, Manufacturing, Small Business and Professional Service firms already use the service

    UPS has expanded UPS Next Day Air® Early, its earliest small-package delivery service, by another 12,680 ZIP codes to create an earlier guaranteed-delivery option for customers in locations that previously had only end-of-day guarantees. The UPS Next Day Air Early service now reaches 94% of ZIP codes and 98% of businesses in the U.S. with the expansion.

    UPS already has an advantage over the competition in serving more ZIP codes by 8 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. than any other carrier. The new ZIP codes are primarily in extended areas, which means customers will receive their packages by noon or 2 p.m. UPS expanded the guaranteed service in two phases, the first phase in November 2015 and again this month. Saturday service is also available to certain destinations.

    “Already we’ve seen manufacturers, healthcare companies and professional services, such as financial firms, respond to the expansion,” said Alan Gershenhorn, executive vice president and chief commerical officer. “Getting a package by noon or 2 p.m. has proven to be attractive. For example, businesses use those additional hours to process documents faster, or to turn inventory or lab specimins around quicker."

    In the U.S, the service UPS Next Day Air® Early A.M. is renamed UPS Next Day Air® Early to note that it is the first available delivery. In Canada, UPS Express® Early A.M. is renamed UPS Express® Early. UPS was the first to introduce an “early a.m.” service in 1994.

    “UPS prides itself on being first – first to deliver and first to offer innovative services,” said Gershenhorn. “This expansion is in response to customers’ needs for urgent and reliable deliveries.”

    “Healthcare laboratories, for example, want to receive specimens quickly to process patients’ test results faster. Small business and professional service providers, such as accountants, compete on service. Those are just a few examples. We also see consumers who need early deliveries, such as the home health patient who needs something quickly," Gershenhorn added.

    Businesses that need international express shipments can also take advantage of UPS’s superiority. UPS delivers to more countries from the U.S. by 9 a.m. and before noon than any other carrier.
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    Another plan that looks good on paper but.................................
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    They changed the name to Early now, because some zips are 1 or 2pm commits.
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    People need to read the fine print or details after the *
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    Let's start all of the drivers,later.
    That will help.
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    Nice observation batman.
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    Was a release a month or so ago about the change.
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    Thanks for telling us...geez
    What other information are you sitting on?
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    I think I may have said something in some post here about it.
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    Robo Mod is just trying to pad his post count.
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    Weather delay.
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    I knew he was trying to pass me. Sum beech.
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    How do we sheet late air? Driver error? Career ending?