UPS and Aetna denied my PTSD claim 5 times , saying they dont cover if caused by combat, it wasn't

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  1. So, it's a long story.. I'd appreciate a read and maybe an opinion? After last and final appeal they politely told me to sue if I disagreed. Tried lawyer, after a year we both realized this probably needed a lawyer who handles more then just s disability case, so we parted ways. Giving UPS one last chance to fix this before I resume the other way to do things. 23 years at ups, last 3 as an Orion Support Specialist.. great qprs, I thought I had my PTSD issues behind me. April 23rd of 2017 my world collapsed and I ended up knees to chest, fetal position, rocking back and forth.. they took me to Va ER, where I was admitted to the Mental Health Ward on suicide watch for 7 days... the next 6 months i remember like a nightmare .. I remember coming home heavily sedated and medicated, but, UPS wanted their paperwork filled out!!! I remember Aetna offering to help me, and then having me write the word if the claim and the subsequent appeals, all denied, shock... I llij back on all the paperwork they "helped" me with and it looks like a 12 year old did it...

    My therapist says when the event happened I went thru a major psychological regression. I basically became a child intent on killing myself, and, in my opinion, and the lawyer stated this as her opinion, this is typical, they take away all my resources and wait me out.

    I believe they hoping I become another combat veteran with PTSD statistic, and off myself, saving them some $$$

    I had 2 years to go before early retirement. All I want is my disability pay. And my benefits turned back on so I can get civilian doctors!!! And when I am ready to come back we will give it a go. But not ready yet :( but.. I have found my voice :) please go follow me on Twitter * I am finding it great therapy to talk about ny past and my therapist loves how I'm using it, join me or, just check in on me from time to time and say hey.

    17years in TSG
    Last 5 in IE on Orion team
    Picture is me holding an M-60 while on southern Iraq border in the middle of desert in 90, waiting #ArmyStrong. Heavy asf, props to Rambo

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  2. Oh I've found my voice on twitter... I am @ :)
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  3. You aren't allowed to post pictures of yourself.
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    God bless and good luck. Thank you for your service to your country.
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  5. Oh yeah that guy died on April 23rd 2017... thanks for that
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    Thanks for your service. Hope you get the help you need.
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    What caused your PTSD if it wasn't combat?
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    Did the persistent and systemic stress at UPS finally push you over the edge? If so, I understand. I have been diagnosed with PTSD and an anxiety disorder. The origin was from my childhood but the senseless stress at UPS made it much worse and symptomatic. I understand how it feels when you think your'e losing it and your body shuts down. It sucks. I was also in the military but it was much less stressful than 30 years at Brown. Take care of yourself, you are worth it.
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    What exactly does the "other" way to do things mean Ed?
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    I am totally confused by this entire post.
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    If that is your real name, change it.

    If you have served, there is no way they are going to say the ptsd was from anything other than serving.
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    Orion sucks
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    Check out his Twitter feed. Brings understanding.

    Edit: Whoops, guess his user name there was removed.
  14. My father raped me during my infancy, into my childhood years. I was in the state foster care system for years before "dad" finally got me permanently. One of the foster homes I was in, the last one, I was placed with an African-American woman who had several kids of her own, was there 2 years, for 2 years she beat me, forced me to serve her guests at poker parties she would throw. She'd show me off, before she would whip me in front of them.. so, anything else? Good question, this is the kind of thing Aetna wants me to prove...
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  15. I suppose but it was real life events, several in a short period of time, and then yeah ups forced me Into a crappy job choice, permanent grave shift, feeder dispatch specialist. Meh it was just the final straw, the day I was supposed to report to new position I ended up in the VA mental health ward on suicide lockdown. Got out 7 days later lol
  16. Well, as I've stated previously, not here mind you, that I am in between lawyers right now. No more to say on that topic.
  17. well I would hope you are wrong.
  18. It appears I was incorrect to bring this here. Thought I'd find a different emotion, or, any at all. Apologies just go back to your life, everything is fine...
    Its @
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    I'd say this qualifies as a precondition. If the GOP gets their way, you'll get nothing and like it.

    Good luck, getting an insurance company to pay for your lousy childhood.
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    Your story is horrific! Sorry you went through this. Regardless, who or what caused your ptsd, I believe it falls under the ADA. Only the ignorant believe that mental illness is not real. UPS has more than enough resources to help you finish your career and receive an honorable discharge from UPS. Talk to strong ADA attorney and stay in the ring. You and your loved ones are worth the fight!
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