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    ALEC, or the American Legislative Exchange Council, is a forty year old organization funded by large corporations and extreme right wing billionaires, like the Koch Brothers. ALEC writes legislation and legislators present it as their own. To date, over 1000 bills have been written by ALEC, and over 20% have passed.

    Some of ALEC's "highlights":

    -Prison Privatization
    -Voter Suppression laws
    -Kill at will laws, like in FL
    -Attacks on public education funding
    -Show me your papers law in AZ
    -Easing laws protecting things like air and water
    -And of course, the dismantling of the unions

    Last week, Coke, Pepsi, Kraft Foods, Intuit, McDonald's, Wendy's The Bill Gates Foundation, and Mars Candy - the makers of Skittles (turns out ALEC had written Florida's "kill at will" laws), all washed their hands of ALEC, as the cockroach is being shown the flashlight. One company that didn't withdraw it's support for ALEC is UPS. Wonder why? Possibly the union thingy?

    Match made in hell...
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    You can't cast a stone and not find someone who's kids have not driven them batty or in Alec's case, being in the middle of a bitter divorce, hurt him to the point of lashing out. The only difference is he had his phone call made public by his whack job ex-wife. You've never yelled at your kids? Did you feel remorse after? Guess we can start a club then.

    I listened to the call and I here a parent hurt by his kid. Yes, it is possible. I know what it's like when it happens sometimes. I've worked overnights for 17+ years now to provide for mine and to be there for them during their events and when there are times that I am rebuffed when I would like them to do something with me in return then ,yes, I can say I've felt some of the pain I hear in that phone call.

    Creepo? I think you meant to post that in the Woody Allen thread. That's a creepo.
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    The union thingy is my guess. All you folks that laughed and cheered after the 2010 elections had the GOP killing public employee unions, it is your turn next. It will be interesting to see the Teamsters painted as "selfish thugs" with "gold-plated benefits and pensions" and "cadillac pay scales".

    I'm voting AGAINST whatever the Board of Directors is FOR, and I suggest everyone who owns stock does the same. We are still outnumbered by the UPS Foundation and Annie E. Casey Foundation, but if every employee votes AGAINST anything the Board is FOR, eventually someone will notice.

    As far as ALEC goes, please note that the Board says to vote NO on the proposal that the company spell out how and for whom it spends PAC money. So I will vote YES on that proposal. Sunshine is a good thing.
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    Kill at will laws? You have lost all credibility.
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    Whatever you want to call them, the NRA had ALEC draft nearly identical bills in 26 states, including Florida. Even the man that proposed the ALEC bill said that the law was never intended in the way it was used in the Zimmerman case.
    But we're getting off topic here. UPS spent over $2 million dollars in 2010 for ALEC to write anti-union legislation on the federal and local levels for the incoming tea party ultra right wing. This destroyed collective bargaining in the public unions in WI, and nearly destroyed all bargaining in OH before the law was repealed. These guys are for real:

    United Parcel Service - SourceWatch
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    Sorry, but you'll find a whole bunch of pro-management Teamsters in here. All kinds of people in here that are very vocal about voting against their interests. Frustrating, but you simply can't argue with people who ignore cold hard facts. I voted for Obama, but there are many things I just don't like about him and his policies, but it becomes a choice of the lesser evil. And the flip side of that is organizations like the one you're referring to here.

    No thanks.
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    I hate hearing this. A vote for the lesser of two evils is still evil! You should've taken the advice John Quincy Adams: “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.”

    You had at least 2 more options on your ballot and unless you were in one of 7 states, you could've written someone in. We need to stop voting for evil and vote the person who best represents us.
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    Here in Mn, a bunch of junior legislators tried and failed to pass a few Alec pieces during the last legislative session. Looking through the bills, it is so easy to follow the money and see the legislation that is being bought. Privatize prisons, then make them profitable by passing 3 strikes laws, mandatory sentencing and incarcerating people for committing petty crimes. Many states will not see weed legalized until their prisons are taken out of private corps and run by the state.