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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by coldworld, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. Coldworld

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    I know there is much hostilities in canada about brokerage charges, but can someone tell me does every package that gets shipped over there get slapped with a brokerage charge. Upsers from canada please chime in thanks!
  2. drewed

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    it depends on the commodity of how much and if it gets charged
  3. code5

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    Yup, most U.S. parcels have a brokerage tag and at times collecting is an embarassment. I have seen parcels where the brokerage is more than the declared value!

    All E-Bay purchases have brokerage fees.

    The brokerage tags include the brokerage fee, GST and GST on the brokerage fee. If the item is not made in North America there is also the duty fee.
  4. DS

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    This is misleading.
    The fact is, that the only service you pay brokerage fees on are standard,
    if you choose expedited ,3 day select,saver,or express,there is NO brokerage fee involved.There may be duty and gst to pay but unless the item has a very high value its usually minimal.
    The problem with E-bay is that the seller usually pays the shipping,and unless you pay a bit more they are reluctant to use ups's premium services.Since e-bay sellers in the US are used to shipping domestically, I think most of them honestly don't realize that the item they sell for $200 when shipped standard will have a $50 brokerage charge plus applicable taxes tacked on in the form of a cod charge.
    But I do agree code5 that it is embarassing,especially when its someone that cant afford it.
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    I sell stuff on Ebay ship quite often to Canada,none of the people I have sold to have ever told me of this.I keep the value low and state that it is a gift.I don't know if that makes a difference.
  6. code5

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    A gift is only brokerage free if it is under 60 dollars Canadian.