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    I found out that a UPS facility in my area is looking for full-time drivers. I have a clean driver's record and have experience as a delivery driver (auto parts driver) and was in the military for 6 years, so i applied online and even have a friend of a friend who works there and put in a word for me. Now my question is its been 2 weeks since i applied for the position, i tried calling UPS to find the human resource department but to no avail, they just refer me to the website...

    Im asking from UPS employee, what is the call back time to get an interview or an indication of approval? Considering its been 2 weeks does it mean my profile has been rejected? Is there a number to reach human resources in Montreal, Canada?

    I also applied for part-time handler hoping to increase my odds of getting in.

    Any insight on the approval process is welcomed.