UPS centers around Austin? Foggy transfer rules

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by FuManIndy, Oct 7, 2008.

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    15 yr worker in indianapolis. I have 2 questions I desperately need answers to. first I would like to know if there are any centers around the Leander, Round Rock,Georgetown,Pluegerville TX area which is just north of Austin Tx? I already know about the hub in Austin.Second question is about transfer rules which I'm still foggy about after 15 years.Has anyone ever heard about the "trailing spouse" rule? What are some of the reasons or qualifications I need to transfer? I'd like to transfer from Indianapolis to Austin. I'm a full time service provider so I know its probably impossible to transfer.The local here in Indy is going through some transitions right now so its very difficult to get a straight answer from anyone in the union.And management is NEVER any help on anything.Any input would be greatly appreciated.(guess that was more than 2 questions,sorry)
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    Depending on the region that your current hub is in, and if the desired hub is in the same, then there is a chance from what I have been told from our H.R. department here in California. Once that information is aquired than its just a matter of putting your name on a tranfer list that does go by senority. However from what Ive seen its a lot easier said than done. My freind transferred to one of the Houston buildings but he was an on road sup......Good Luck!
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    Right now as a matter of fact, there should be a list on your center somewhere that is for transferring. Sign up, you have a 1st choice and an alternate that you can sign up for. Other than that, I don't know what a trailing spouse is. Sorry if that's not helpful.
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    Bids for transfer are up in western region centers... It's part of our contract, other parts of hte country aren't so lucky to have this contract language.
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    Yeah we don't have transfer lists here in Indianapolis,wish we did. My steward said that I would have to quit then get rehired which I have no problem with. It would suck starting all over though. I just REALLY want to move from Indiana to Texas. I still need to know if there are any extended centers around the Austin area. There is a hub on the east side of Austin near the airport but I'm not interested.May be only choice though.Thanks for the input brethren. Much appreciated.