UPS' CEO earned $6.2M last year

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    UPS' CEO earned $6.2M last year - Memphis Business Journal

    According to the Atlanta-based package shipper's proxy filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday, CEO Michael Eskew got $6.2 million in total compensation last year, including a salary of $988,000, a bonus of $41,500, $2.8 million in stock awards, about $1 million in stock options, $174,300 in non-equity incentive plan compensation and $33,137 in other compensation.
  2. woodenfoot

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    what union does he belong to the rich get richer while drivers and dock workers break ther butts
  3. and what about the poor working man ??
  4. normstick

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    Poor Jim Casey must be rolling over in his grave.
  5. Braveheart

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    and they say we are overpaid HA horse hockey
  6. spiritchild

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    He earns everybit of that money for apearing in the 5 minute thank you video that comes out once a year.
  7. upsdude

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    Eskew made sure his numbers were right!
  8. Up_and_at_UPS

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    Can we say GREED!? Or do you think he earns every penny? What makes a CEO worthy of such compensation?
  9. browned_out

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    Its time they start giving us the stock instead of making us pay for it!!!!!!
  10. scottVA

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    I remember when they gave us stuff on founders day, now were lucky if we get water when its 100 degrees outside.
  11. david cassin

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    isn't it well for him,i only got a 3.4 % pay increase approx 1200 euro march this year ,no share options yet (we have been hearing this for the last 3 years).we should get some free shares off of the company,it would give us more incentive to re invest in buying shares.i think he deserves his salary and a bonus but not 2m in shares with another 1m to purchase
    he is after all over a 420000 plus employees but we all work hard especially our drivers they are trojans and the face of the company
    they deserve to be on bonuses.
    ups in europe is diff from usa,even ireland under the uk/ireland district
    their drivers have or had incentives to deliver x amount of stops per day and get a bonus,in ireland no such scheme,