UPS CEO on holiday peak season: ‘We’ve been planning for this for months’


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UPS CEO on holiday peak season: ‘We’ve been planning for this for months’ - CNBC

United Parcel Service has stepped up its game plan to take on the holiday season rush, Carol Tomé, who joined the shipping company as chief executive in June, told CNBC Wednesday.

“We’re planning a pretty peaky peak, and peak is so important to our customers that we’ve been planning for this for months,” she said in a “Mad Money” interview.

Tomé, who was previously Home Depot’s decades-long chief finance officer, brushed off any worries of what some are predicting to be a “shipageddon” this quarter, where delivery services like UPS and FedEx are projected to see a severe capacity shortfall of millions of packages per day. Delivery demand is only expected to swell amid the pandemic.


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Its almost as if peak surprises them every year.
it would help if they would stop moving managers/supervisors every year. every peak seems to be our first peak cause they moved someone into a position thats never done it before.


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Due to the unexpected Christmas volume of packages and the inclement weather we cannot guarantee that your packages will be here in time for Christmas...

Something like that
"Due to absurd COVID concerns our drivers refused helpers ,and their union refused to negotiate on this matter. Due to their refusal for extra help we cannot guarantee your packages will be delivered by Christmas" . Management will NEVER EVER
miss a chance to blame us