UPS closes Muskegon , Mi customer counter.

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by Mainmast, Aug 28, 2019.

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    What a shock to customers who attempted to ship or pick up packages at the Muskegon, Mi UPS customer counter. A sign on the door now directs shippers to go to The UPS store instead. The only access now to the counter is from 6:00 p.m until 8:00 p.m. and that is for will call only. Meanwhile up the road is a FedEx customer counter facility that is open all day. What is going on with this company ? I got an ear full from a customer that was told he could not pick up a part for a downed assembly line and instead had to wait until the afternoon delivery was made. He was given the option of picking it up after 6:00 p.m. Drivers are stating some of their customers are going to request FedEx for all inbound shipments.
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    I've said it before--I give them maybe 10 years tops.

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    They are their own worst public relation idiots.
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    Our customer counter shut down back in '08. Now people use the post office to ship. Heaven forbid we pay a part time clerk to collect money for the stockholders.
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    Customer counters do not generate revenue. Just the opposite. You ever walk in the customer counter and see 3 people sitting on the phone doing nothing? That’s the norm.
    Tell your customer to use NXDA service. That’s what it’s for and that’s what pays the bills.
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    Those 3 people on the phone are management.
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    I know you’re trying to be funny, but truthfully customer counters lose more money than they generate.
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    Sure you are right but it is a service. Just like delivering a NDA letter to the end of your route on a dead end road and you know it is going to be late when you leave the building.
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    The company got rid of the affected employees?
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    The UPS Policy book, page 37, states the following....WE MAINTAIN CUSTOMER COUNTERS for the GENERAL PUBLIC.At each of our operating locations, we provide a customer counter where individual and business shippers may bring their packages to us to deliver if they choose not to have a pickup made at their own premises..........
    The package was a next day air saver. The center made it clear that will calls were no longer allowed in the morning. The receiver has gone this way in the past.The receiver has now directed future inbound nda shipments to go by way of FedEx since their counter hours service the customer.
  11. Literally no one cares what the policy book states. Bringing it up in cases where it is not being followed has always been useless in my experience. The only reason the policy book exists is to look good, and to be used to help justify action that would have occurred regardless of whatever it says in the policy book.

    So basically the customer was getting the equivalent to a next day air package, at the price of a next day air saver. And not only is UPS collecting less money, the cost to provide the service is significantly higher given the fact that customer counters are money pits for what they provide.
  12. It didn't save the driver fuel and overtime by the customer going to the customer counter?
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    Damn--at my small center we had probably 2 dozen people and businesses on "permanent will-call". Every morning they would be milling around waiting for the sort to get done. Sometimes they would get in the way and management would have to chase them back to the receiving counter area.
  14. Sure, but that doesn't make the counter worth it from a purely cost-based perspective. My current HUB has 2 full time and 5 part time counter clerks. All of whom are very high seniority. They see at most 40 customers on an "extremely busy" day (ignoring Same Day Will Call in the PM, which involves a different classification of clerk). On a typical day, we're talking maybe 20 customers. The cost per "stop" is vastly higher than it would be for a top rate driver, even one in overtime. And keep in mind, I have never seen or even heard of a customer counter that's not grossly overstaffed for how busy it is.
  15. Got to have a few easy jobs for us old timers
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    Porters can always use a couple extra hands cleaning the toilets.
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    We use the drivers who have lost their license to a DUI. Heard we permanently lost a Feeder driver to a second DUI.
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    I care what the UPS Policy Book says!
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    So what you are saying? Is that not one manager or sup or it or tsg person generates revenue, so we need to liquidate those jobs?