UPS closes Muskegon , Mi customer counter.

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by Mainmast, Aug 28, 2019.

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    Don't forget drivers ... every rural route is a money loser.
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    Except the two dozen or more that were milling around were more then likely small business customers who probably had a UPS loop that stuck them with a afternoon delivery. It used to be UPS supported small business. Small business needed parts or whatever to provide a service to their customers. They went out of their way to send a hourly employee to the local UPS to get a jump on providing a service to their customer. Although they may be small business, they are more then likely the future large account that will not forget that UPS said if you need a shipment will called, plan on picking it up after 6:00 p.m. Like I stated before, the FedEx facility ,just down the road, has all day hours for will calls. Who would you use for future deliveries if you were in their shoes ? Perhaps your niche was a same day turn around on repair items sent to your business. Pick up by 9 at local UPS and shipped back to you the same day. In this local center, Muskegon, that will not occur. FedEX ,down the road, will allow that to occur. I will guarantee you the local operators will not change a loop to accommodate that business with a earlier delivery.
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    True but there were a few who even though they would have been delivered by 10 or 10:30 still picked their stuff up. Apparently they had nothing better to do. :-)
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    1983 version... it has been years since I retired,so it would appear that policy was removed. My apologies,but when I used to be in management, the policy book was what we went by. My 83 version has handwritten dates next to every policy that was reviewed at dept meetings. We stood by what the book stated.
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    The 92 version shows the policy on page 39. It has obviously been removed with more recent versions.
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    That's why they will be getting drones.
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    The ironic part is that BD is using the Premium Services we provide as the selling point to pay more than the competition. As they cut, cut, cut....
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    Here's what I don't get, your counter people can't do anything else? I mean, our "counter people" are just customer service agents, their working on DFUs, claims, station paperwork etc...etc....

    Is it a union thing?
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    He is exaggerating. The busiest counter in our state is only staffed with 2 employees at a time
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    I agree. Maybe @Turdferguson could shed some light on this subject?
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    I hope this is not a case where the business manager saw this as a way to not have to deal with the issues of manning a customer counter during peak season. Sadly enough, it is the customer , who we are supposed to service , who will suffer.
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    Business manager has no say in this

    He’s just a glorified baby sitter
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    Our counter lady has been with the company for 35 years, this was her first job as a teenager and the only job she had.
    One night she got in the trailer with me on her own just to help b/c she was disgusted the amount of work they were throwing at me by myself. She is an angel. God bless counter ppl.
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    Is her name @Turdferguson
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    No, he is another counter angel amongst us.