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  1. Coldworld

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    anyone read these from the teamster site. Ok, year around use of helpers, no part-time family healthcare for 5 years, among other nonsense. Anyone know why this was a 5 year contract instead of 6 or 7 year? How many drivers on here have 20 or more years to go with ups? I honestly do not think I will make it for one of the following reasons, I will get hurt, I will get fired, or ups will bust the union and drivers will be working for no pension, and making 12.00 an hour. Some say that ups has a business to run..ok, fine, but this company is so damn sneaky..theres no end to the possibilities this company could come up with to make it not even worth working here anymore.I really dont think ups can grasp the reality that drivers are the company and you get rid of the drivers, customers will never come back to ups. Thats another reason I have never figured out why mgt treats us like absolute crap, then wants sales leads. Its a no brainer....treat drivers with SOME respect, treat them as if they were fellow employees, not criminals, and not pack mules. Dont push safety first, then expect someone to finish a 11 hour route in 9 hours. Kindly ask them for leads, then step back and watch them come in. But at ups, its so much harder than it has to be.Its really a shame.
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    Wow. Do we work for the same company? I'm treated very well. Plan on retiring happily someday. Maybe I'm the only driver who really likes this job.
  3. Coldworld

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    I like my job. I have NEVER had any big issues with mgt. I have seen them do things to others(read: good drivers probably like you and me) that are wrong. You are one of these folks that take the stance, "oh, they would never do that to me." Be careful, anything can happen to anyone.
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    I Don't hate my job, But I like it alot less than ever before. After 25 years (13 center managers) on the job, It's easy to see how little UPS values their employees, mgmt and hourlys alike. I don't think you could find 25% of our drivers who would speak approvingly of their experience here. And it would be close to 100% that would not recommend this job to family and friends. It's all about the $ and bennys. There's very little respect for the hard working, dedicated, dependable, and honest pkg humpers we are. And that is very sad, it doesn't have to be that way, it shouldn't be that way, BUT IT IS. I'll jump right on those sales leads -NOT!! And I own stock! But I just don't give a damn anymore, I put in my time and get hell out of there. Get back to my family where I get treated like a human being and not some pile of dirt. Sorry for venting, I feel much better now:mellow:
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    Coldworld has some very valid points. I am very glad that I am closer to my retirement date than my hiring date. Bring back the "beer and pizza" days!!!!
  6. Coldworld

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    brown, your so right. You know, it really wouldnt take much for this to be a really good place to work. Some say its because the company is public now, I think its more than that. Some of it is because they hire from inside still, meaning no new fresh perspectives on labor relations, for hourly and mgt. I like the idea on hiring from within, but there are drawbacks, stale employee relations is one. I went to a job site one time (, or ) and went to ups jobs. There was a section where former and current employees can post on their experiences with their companies for others to see. When I checked the ups peoples experiences I was shocked, and unfazed at the same time. I read every one( around 50), almost all were from non union jobs, mgt, specialized jobs, IT, etc. All employee posting except for a few were very negative about the ups experience. Words like "micromanaged", ""unreasonable", "unbearable" anong others were used more than once. What does this tell you when this is comming from other "inside" employees besides hub and drivers. This company really needs a 360 degree turn. If its this bad now, what the hell will it be in 10, 15 20 years....??
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    I'm not in a hub, I'm not a driver, i am however a UPSer. To be honest, I haven't been with the Co a long time at all, but all i hear where I'm at is that people have been around for so long that the fire they had long ago burned out with the lack of change that has taken place over the years. I'm not union, nor is anyone (to my knowledge) at my site, but the Mgt mentality is all the same (going by the threads that I have read. Bottom line is that I thing everyone wants change, even Mgt. The problem is no one really wants to fight the current to see it happen.

    Hourly is in the trenches on a daily basis, and management hears the feedback, but refuses to listen.

    On a side note, professionally speaking, How exactly does the system work? :confused:1
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    I think you mean a 180, if it did a 360 it would be just where it is right now :tongue_sm
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    Alot of employees refer to before it went public and after it went public in describing when working conditions went South:sad:
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    You're just seeing this now? There is far too many drivers that look beyond management doing something disgusting to another fellow Teamster. People are selfish and stupid, they think this type of thing will never happen to them. If it's being done to a Teamster, it can and probably will be done to you eventually.
  11. 705red

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    I have seen a 25 year safe driver get fired for his 1st accident only to come back after his panel hearing, this is not how you treat people.
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    We had a driver fired recently over BS. Manager had a chance to show compassion and understanding and return the driver to work who was already out for over a month! By the way this driver had never even received even a warning letter.

    Well the manager just blew him off and said go to panels. The driver, while feeling shafted was willing to take the time served and move foward with little to no hard feelings. Maybe just a little more weary of management but thats all.

    The driver got his job back at panels!!! No back pay but now the 2nd month of sitting out has really stuck with him!

    He now not only will never trust managers again, he has a grudge against management and said all favors are off! No more running to make 9.5, no more letting managers shuttle, no more working through lunch, no more asking for time off in advance, just option 3 from now on with no warning, no more talking to him without a shop steward and it better be on the clock.

    The driver may have deserved a warning letter at most and yet he got the death penalty. Managers sometime make us who we are. Firing the guy was wrong but whatever message the manager wanted to send was received during the 1st month out. The 2nd month was just evil!
  13. Brown Dog

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    Sad, very sad:sad:
  14. Coldworld

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    can you comment loosly on what the driver did???
  15. Braveheart

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    Driver was relatively new and drove 4 blocks off area to meet a veteran driver who showed the rookie how to sheet unscheduled pick up, get credit for over 70, enter extra work for safety meeting, and a couple other things like that. It took like 15-20 minutes roundtrip. Sup had been on the rookie for overallowed and vet offered to help. Manager overreacted and was afraid to apologize for his actions as he thinks he is perfect.