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    Sept. 21, 2012: The International Union briefed local union officers in Chicago today on the union’s proposals for UPS contract negotiations. Bargaining on the national contract opens on Sept. 27.

    Chief negotiator hall gave a presentation on key contract issues while local officers reviewed briefing books with a partial list of the union’s contract proposals.

    Union bargaining proposals will reportedly include:

    Pension Increases: More money for pensions, including increases in the benefits paid by the IBT-UPS plan that covers 48,000 full-time UPSers in the Central and Southern regions.

    Full-Time 22.3 Jobs: More full-time 22.3 jobs and language that would require the company to maintain 22.3 jobs in the local union where they are created.

    Protection for UPS Technology: Language to protect drivers from discipline solely based on GPS and telematics technology.

    Wage increases including increases in starting pay for part-timers which has been frozen at $8.50 since 1987.

    Regarding Surepost, hall said it is up to UPS to propose language that protects Teamsters from the controversial program if the company wants the union’s continued cooperation with Surepost.

    hall noted that harassment and excessive overtime were key bargaining issues, but did not reveal specific contract proposals the Union will put forward.

    hall promised that every Local would receive a complete copy of the union’s bargaining proposals when the company and IBT exchange proposals next Thursday, Sept. 27.

    For the first time ever, local officers were not allowed to keep copies of the union bargaining proposals. hall said TDU would post the proposals for members, before he hands them to management next week.
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    Thanks for the post. I hope this contract is ratified in a timely manner. I also hope we get an increase in pension and part timers get a livable wage.
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    Hahahaha, he's clueless. The biggest freaking problem is we're working too many hours. We were told at our local meeting that 9.5 enforcement was going to be a big issue. No disrespect to my brothers and sisters who are 22.3 drivers but you make up a small fraction of those who drive why the heck this is a "key" contract proposal is beyond me.
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    hall has been the architect of all the 9.5 language you have seen in the last few contracts, including the triple time which is unprecedented. He's smart as a whip. He'll be the first one to tell you that the only way to "solve" the 9.5 problem is to force UPS to let you come in & shut down at 9.5 hours and that just isn't going to happen. He's got a pretty tough balancing act between trying to protect our overtime while catering to the people who don't want it (and even worse the ones who want it when it's nice out & cry the loudest when it's summertime).
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    I think anything over 9.5 should be paid triple time automatically just like over 8 hrs is time and a 1/2. I think that would help. No greivance procedure needed.
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    I don't have a problem with the current 9.5 language. What I do get tired of is the drivers who cry every day about working late and when you ask them if they've filed on it they say "No, what good will that do?". Yeah, keep crying buddy. Personally I want an hour+ of OT every day and at least a couple days of 10+. If I decide I want less in the future I'll either bid a different route or start filing for triple time but right now I'm here for the money.
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    When you get elected and re-elected to lead a local, then get elected to the real top spot in the Teamsters, the GST, maybe you'll have some credibility to talk. hall clueless??? I hope you're not on the random drug test list Monday.
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    With good reason so that more details than what you have already shared here, do not end up on a public forum that the company monitors. This is not the place to discuss any details or strategies of the upcoming negotiations. I hope you are smarter than that. It would be like giving your playbook to the other team so they could prepare to beat you.

    Any and all negotiation information needs to be shared within the confines of the union hall. And what goes on inside the hall should never be shared with any non members or management. It amazes me the amount of personal info that people post here. Wages, vacations, medical, etc,etc. If you would not want your management team to know about it, then don't post it here.
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    Do you really think UPS has been unaware of the contents of the proposals?
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    No, but that is the reason they were numbered and not handed out yet. So they do not end up here. My point is that you do not see members of this forum who are in management, posting what proposals or counter proposals they have here. I'm not saying the info you posted is top secret. I am however trying to remind members to be vigilant of the info they share here and other places. That's it.
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    Thats it!
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    hall is also the dope that "Watered down the strong 9.5 language" after the contract was ratified, a little secret the executive officers hid from the general membership.

    Getting that triple time was like pulling teeth and it took months if not years to recover on it. In the meantime, people lost time with families with excessive hours.

    Dont give him too much credit, the 9.5 issue wont be resolved this time either.


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    We say something similar as this at our local:

    Teamsters Local 81

    Especially the "promise not to divulge" part.
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    I guess he hid it by putting this right in the Contract:
    Not sure what's going on in your local but my old package center had over $26,000 paid in triple time grievances last year, all decided at the local level. I don't think it's going to be solved this time either because just as I said it won't be resolved until the Driver has discretion to come in and park the truck at 9.5 hours. I think there has been a lot of progress and relatively fast since the excessive overtime is a relatively new phenomenon. Come to Feeders and you'll have the opposite problem right now. Drivers are getting downright cannibalistic trying to suck the hours from anywhere they can.
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    Sometimes.... I almost have to laugh.


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    Hahaha!!! More 22.3 jobs? Good luck with that!
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    It would be just wrong to give new part timers a big raise in starting pay while not giving seniority part-timers anything extra in raises. I hate it when they propose contract language that benefits new hires while leaving higher seniority workers nothing
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    I had to fight for the $1 'loader' raise. Now, it's handed out when you walk through the door.
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    All I ask, when negotiations continue it must be black and white. No more grey area, that's not asking to much.....