UPS contract ratification deepens a divide among Teamsters

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    UPS contract ratification deepens a divide among Teamsters- Louisville Business First

    A decision by leadership of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters to ratify a labor contract with United Parcel Service Inc. on Friday night is deepening a divide within the union.

    As we reported over the weekend, the majority of voting members came out against the labor deal by a margin of 54.2 percent against to 45.7 percent for it — but only 44.3 percent of its members voted on the contract. The IBT ratified the deal because the union constitution says that in a situation where fewer than 50 percent of members vote, a two-thirds votes against is required to reject an offer.

    Nobody expected that ratification, said Fred Z, president of Louisville-based Teamsters Local 89.
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    Our IBT Leaders are hiding like roaches. :bag:Not a single word, :no: since the back stab, I meant, ratification.