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    Well, there you have it.
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    Welp...there you have it. I hope they enlighten us to the tune of "exactly like your own plan in every way except administered by the union instead of UPS."
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    When its a choice of a health care plan administered by UPS vs union its like a choice of getting screwed clockwise vs counterclockwise.
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    You know you can always chose not to accept the healthcare benefit and self insure? I'm sure you could get a much better option on your own!!

    P.S. when you find it please be so kind as to share it with all of us here so we can all jump on it!!

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    Maybe they should have "educated" us more to begin with instead of doing this not 90 dollar, 9 dollar, 9 cent dog and pony show.
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    Of course the TDU has everything positive to say.

    Name calling: This techniques consists of attaching a negative label to a person or a thing. People engage in this type of behavior when they are trying to avoid supporting their own opinion with facts. Rather than explain what they believe in, they prefer to try to tear their opponent down.

    Glittering Generalities: This technique uses important-sounding "glad words" that have little or no real meaning. These words are used in general statements that cannot be proved or disproved. Words like "good," "honest," "fair," and "best" are examples of "glad" words.

    Transfer: In this technique, an attempt is made to transfer the prestige of a positive symbol to a person or an idea. For example, using the American flag as a backdrop for a political event makes the implication that the event is patriotic in the best interest of the U.S.

    False Analogy: In this technique, two things that may or may not really be similar are portrayed as being similar. When examining the comparison, you must ask yourself how similar the items are. In most false analogies, there is simply not enough evidence available to support the comparison.

    Testimonial: This technique is easy to understand. It is when "big name" personalities are used to endorse a product. Whenever you see someone famous endorsing a product, ask yourself how much that person knows about the product, and what he or she stands to gain by promoting it.

    Plain Folks: This technique uses a folksy approach to convince us to support someone or something. These ads depict people with ordinary looks doing ordinary activities.

    Card Stacking: This term comes from stacking a deck of cards in your favor. Card stacking is used to slant a message. Key words or unfavorable statistics may be omitted in an ad or commercial, leading to a series of half-truths. Keep in mind that an advertiser is under no obligation "to give the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth."

    Bandwagon: The "bandwagon" approach encourages you to think that because everyone else is doing something, you should do it too, or you'll be left out. The technique embodies a "keeping up with the Joneses" philosophy.

    Either/or fallacy: This technique is also called "black-and-white thinking" because only two choices are given. You are either for something or against it; there is no middle ground or shades of gray. It is used to polarize issues, and negates all attempts to find a common ground.

    Faulty Cause and Effect: This technique suggests that because B follows A, A must cause B. Remember, just because two events or two sets of data are related does not necessarily mean that one caused the other to happen. It is important to evaluate data carefully before jumping to a wrong conclusion.[/QUOTE]
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    The IBT just said, "screw you, we will do what we want to and you have no say in anything" to every UPS worker!
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    Of course you see that. It's funny how people can see what is already fixed in their heads. You ask to be informed then hate the response.
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    That letter wasn't information

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    Once again:
    Of course you see that. It's funny how people can see what is already fixed in their heads. You ask to be informed then hate the response.

    Did you hear,"or else you'll be sorry!!"?
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    Gonna have a beer and relax a bit then re-read the letter. Maybe after fighting all day with a horrible load, horrible traffic and an ugly spit I am misreading the letter.
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    I don't think you got what they were saying because of your strong TDU bashing campaign. I'll put it in a different prospective for you. The west and 177 didn't like the idea of going into teamcare. So they spoke up and got a chance to find something better, which I'm hearing it sounds promising. The other spineless local BA's said lets push this threw and wanted to throw 177 and the west to the wolfs for making deals. Then changed their minds when 177 and the west got what they wanted. So they were like we want to get into that. Can we get on broad with you guys. Well you voted to go into teamcare. Sorry, you are SOL. That would be the case if their members voted yes to their supplements. TDU is just pointing out that they are flip flopping because they didn't think the members would vote the supplements down. Can you blame them for using their members as bargaining chips.

    Also I voted yes to my local and no to the master because the healthcare is a master issue but if my local didn't have a plan to find a better plan then teamcare like the other spineless locals. I would have voted no too. I also will vote no to my local if the pension raise is not back on the table. So I see where the other local members are coming from. We make fun of people when they say I don't understand why the union can't do better for us. What do we say all the time? You should vote and make a difference. So now they are and what the hell. You guys don't know anything. This will never happen. Sounds hypocritical to me. If you told me or any one else I can see 17 locals shooting down their supplements. We would say that's crazy talk. So start using your imagination. Because it could be come reality.
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    I had a good load today. The letter sucked.
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    This makes no sense. So just because they are informing us we must like it?
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    ya know... the membership passed the national agreement by a small margin... it passed but there is a lot of unrest... that is being ignored.... the international is taking a very risky step in choosing this route....
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    So keep voting no?
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    Pretty much what was expected though. Wait everyone out. As far as I know we can't force a revote. So the IBT will take their sweet time and try to wait everyone out.

    I didn't really see any "update" in there either.
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    I don't know why but the jist of what I got from that letter was "it doesn't matter if your'e unhappy its over" my question is. What are they going to do when riders keep getting voted down? I understand some may pass because people want there raise but not all 18. So honestly someone with some union knowledge tell me what happens then?