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Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by oompaa, Sep 11, 2008.

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    while i was working at ups i applied for disability short term then long term. i also applied for a job accomodation and was declined. i wanted to keep working at ups but i needed an adjustment on the time that i worked. i worked in management and not only was my disability causing trouble, but the stress of working at ups in management overwhelmed me. i finally had to quit because i felt i had no other options. now i am on social security disability. if the states sees me as disabled then why not ups. i guess there is life AFTER brown, but i still feel close to ups.

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    Just curious, is there a question anywhere in there or were you just venting?

    You need to talk to a lawyer.
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    just venting but also admitting i still feel a bit like a upser still. i can't do anything with a lawyer because i missed my opportunity to appeal. i thought ups was right and i wouldn't be able to get a job accomodation and that maybe my disability wasn't worth fighting for. it wasn't until i got out of ups and fought for social security disability that i realized that i had something worth fighting for. it was like how could i fight such a big organization like ups. boy was i wrong. had i only appealed the decision to decline me on a job accomodation then i could get a lawyer and fight it. thank you for listening.

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    Isn't there a class action law suit going on about UPS and their workers who are injured on the job and want to continue working at UPS? Maybe this would help you, maybe not. Good luck.
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    Yes there is and it's a huge one, at that.
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    i want to retire too
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    At least you got on social security disability. Consider yourself one of the lucky ones