UPS Drag Racing/Bob Vandergriff 2008 Colors

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by cachsux, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    Brown and gold this year.

  2. bad company

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    Very nice. I wish our NASCAR paint scheme would change. The plain and boring white car with the UPS sheild is hard to spot on tv and from the stands. Atleast in comparison to some of the other paint schemes out there that just scream to the fans "look at me". Why's don't we have a brown race car? What a concept...using the color that made us famous.
  3. old brown shoe

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    Saaawwweeeeeetttt What a nice paint scheme. Wish the NASCAR could finish and look as good as the dragster. I like to watch both.
  4. Cementups

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    I have an idea that you may see a new scheme on the 44 this year. I think with a newer, younger driver you will see a newer, younger race car. at least if I was part of UPS's marketing team that's what I would recommend.
  5. It's hard to spot because it's usually not in the race.
  6. bad company

    bad company semi-pro

    touché :whiteflag:

    FAVREFAN Member

    Please no offense Nascar fans but........How about sponsering a car in CHAMPCAR or F1 were we would actually make some new connections with potential customers? U.S. advertising is at saturation point. We want to grow internationally right? F1 is gigantic overseas. Beyond gigantic. Nascar is laughed at. Sure we need to keep up appearances here but nothing would reach Europeans better than building up a great F1 car program. But whatever, that would make sense, and you know.........
  8. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    UPS gets more exposure on the side of DJ`s hauler on the way home from not qualifying than it would in Champ/IRL. As far as F1 it would take all of UPS` marketing budget just to put a sticker on the side pod of an F1 car and it would have even less exposure.
  9. worldwide

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    UPS has been engaged in international motor sports for some considerable years being a sponsoring partner for Porsche. For the ninth consecutive year UPS, the world’s largest Express and package delivery company, sponsors the UPS Porsche Junior Team for both, the Porsche Carrera Cup and the international Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup. In 2007 Lance David Arnold (GER) and Martin Ragginger (AUT) gain their motor sports experiences in the Porsche GT3 Cup race cars in the unmistakable UPS design.
  10. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    Yes but until you posted it most of the general population did not know that.

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    Champ car is nothing here, I'll give you that. But what you and every other Nascar guy in this country doesn't know is that they regularly have 300,000 plus fans on any given weekend at their international races. Hmmmm, isn't that where we need expansion ever so desperately? You may be right about F1. Most expensive budgets for the best drivers and most high performance machines on the planet. Europeans eat, sleep and breathe F1. We need to break into it somehow.
    And buy the way, keep up on the business side of Nascar. Attendance peaked and has been starting it's downturn all be it slowly. Sponsers have begun to say "no thanks" to the rediculous amounts of money that the series wants from them. Saw a piece about it on TV and has had mulitple stories about it. They better be careful.
  12. raceanoncr

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    Very nice paint on the T/F car. Hope they get all the exposure they are hoping for. I think Bob really came through in '07 and wish him the best this yr.
  13. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    Which races have 300,000 in attendance for ChampCar?

    The F-1 race with the highest attendance is the one at Indy. Sadly, Bernie won't let them come back. We Americans will not bow down to King Bernie and his demands.
  14. wkmac

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    I saw the new car on NHRA's website and I do like the colors. Anyone notice the side body panels behind the engine over the clutch can area? They appear to me to go up much higher than in years pass as to almost cover that area. Years past the rear body panels upper maintained the same line as the panel under the zoomies but the 08' version seems to raise that to now maintain a line with the lower mounting of the blower or along the intake. Was this a bit of artist license or is Vandy and Dupuy playing around with streamliner effects? I know there are some teams looking at Garlit's old Mono car and working with NHRA to make a configuration that tech would except so are we back to see some efforts in streamling again? I'm a hardcore Garlits fan just because of his innovative spirit and I'd love nothing more than to see the mono-car come back.

    Testing at Vegas and Phoenix in a few weeks and I'm sure a number of drag sites (NHRA, DragRace Central, etc.) will have good photos. Pomono is less than a month away and if I'm right exactly 4 weeks from today is 1st round qualifying. Man the off season went by fast!

    Any of you gearheads see where Torco Racing Fuel is sidelining all race sponsorships for 2008' because of health concerns of Evan Knoll? This will hurt a number of teams across the Pro ranks.

    All Racers to the Staging Lanes. Last call, all racers to the staging lanes!

    FAVREFAN Member

    Off the top of my head..... All Canada races always and the Mexico races. In U.S.......Long Beach is the only big one. IRL is worthless.

    If you want the numbers I'll have to dig them up.
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    FAVREFAN Member

    One quick specific number......Australia 2007 314,136 people for the entire weekend. I won't bother you guys anymore......I'm done posting anyways on this site.
  17. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    Oh, I thought you meant single day attendance.

    I wish F1 would run at Laguna Seca.

    FAVREFAN Member

    Yeah, would be cool. Not sure if you care but Champ Car will be back there again this year. Probable 19 car count.
  19. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    I like F1 just because of the cars and the spectacle. Other than that, a real race car has fenders on it.:happy-very:
  20. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    I`m not a Nascar guy I was just pointing out the exposure level of the series. I`m sure you know any channel you turn to is Nascar this and Nascar that,what undies is JR wearing this week,blah,blah,blah.

    Now if you want to watch real racing,besides NHRA, the Chili Bowl is live on pay per view this weekend!