Ups driver in illinois fighting for his life. Needs brown pride support

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    My brother Tony Hill has been a driver with UPS for 27 years ( 7 years part time which leaves him 5 years away from retirement). On September 4th he was diagnosed with lung cancer and bone cancer after fracturing a shoulder and then a hip all within a week period. He is currently on short term disability and is in the fight for his life. Each morning his fellow drivers stop by and fellowship with him and huddle in a sea of brown to pray with him. They have rarely missed a morning. There have been mornings my brother is so sick that they dont wake him and they just huddle without him on the porch and pray before they head on to work. UPS has been his life and his family for nearly 30 years and I'd like to invite you all to show your support of one of your own by "liking" his fan page at where you can follow his struggle and fight through this. Your thoughts and prayers uplift him so much each day. He had not been very computer savvy however he got an IPAD this week to stay connected and he loves seeing so much love and support on that page. PLEASE pass this around to your offices and to everyone in the UPS brown family who believe in hope and the power of prayer.

    Thank you!
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    Fight hard brother. Best wishes from the 81st Street hub here in Indianapolis.
  3. Tony will have my prayers.
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    This is a powerful and moving thread. Bless you Tony, we are all wishing you the best.
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    Best wishes to your brother and your family at this difficult time. I'll post this to the Browncafe facebook page to help get the word out to the community.

    Please let me know if there is anything else we can do for you.
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    Prayers and good thoughts to you.
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    prayer is good. make him laugh everyday. it really works well , too.
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    I will keep him in my morning prayers. God bless
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    I second this. Don't give up!
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    Much love from the ODC International Team in Richmond VA Slic-2329
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    Just wanted to mention his fb page again. You can communicate with him directly by posting a comment on his page.

    If you don't do facebook just post in this thread and I'll copy it over to his page.
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    Prayers to our brother !!!
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    I am sorry to report that Tony Hill lost his battle with cancer this afternoon. Rest in Peace Tony.
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    Thxs for letting us know.
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    Rest in peace.
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