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    Got my foot in the door when I was 19. Unloaded for 3 years where my rate was last 12.70 an hour. Now I'm 22 and went to driving school and " graduated ". I have been driving the past 2 and a half months but am still 10 work days short of 30 days qualifying (where my 3 years seniority will go into affect). I'm now making 18.75 an hour however, For the few holidays I got paid for the past month, the rate I got paid for was 12.00$ for 8 hours. I'm not sure how the new contract goes, but shouldn't I be getting paid the 18.75 for holiday's? Only thing I could think of was they were paying me from my inside rate? Which still isn't correct. Can anyone tell me if that rate makes sense?
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    I'm not trying to derail the thread,

    But how do they let you know you won the bid for the driver position?

    I checked off email, phone and text
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    Reg temp, not full time driver.
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    What does your local supplement say??
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    Southern supplement says you have to work all remaining days in the week as a driver to be paid as driver pay during a paid holiday.
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    I believe you will get 'the call' from HR ( from what I have read in other threads). I'm sure someone will correct me if it's wrong. Hope it helps
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    Ask your shop steward. May be they are paying you as a helper?
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    If you got your pay raise then you should of made book. Definitely ask your steward.