UPS driver: 'Worst Christmas ever' for delivery

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    UPS driver: 'Worst Christmas ever' for delivery - USA Today

    Social media exploded on Christmas with complaints about UPS and FedEx from customers furious about empty spots under their trees.

    Most complaints were directed at UPS, which issued statements on Christmas Eve and again on Christmas Day acknowledging that the company was overwhelmed by unexpected volume and some packages were delayed until after the holiday.

    "This has been the worst Christmas ever," said Larry Ledet, 55, of Houston, who has been a UPS driver for 27 years. He made 337 stops and delivered 505 packages Monday.
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    Larry is 55 and must be ready to retire. If that is true that would explain his freedom to criticize UPS publicly with no fear of repercussions. He does have the right to voice his own opinion but he placed a target on his own back if he plans to continue working.