UPS Freight Contract Talks?

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by ronroper, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. ronroper

    ronroper Member

    Has anyone heard anything on the UPS Freight contract talks and progress?
  2. UPGF Lackey

    UPGF Lackey New Member

    No, but reading parcel's comments it does not sound good. It is still early though, we all must be prepared to stand our ground.
  3. big boy

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  4. accelerator

    accelerator New Member

    Get ready for a ride people, we already accepted less withy this contract, n evermind less in a new on e!!!
  5. Walleye

    Walleye New Member

    VOTE NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. big boy

    big boy New Member

    :angry:we need better insurance and work rules and company transfers get it done hall and stop subcontracting
  7. big boy

    big boy New Member

    :angry:we need better insurance and work rules and company transfers get it done hall and stop subcontracting
  8. Buckethead

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    We heard you the first time.
  9. Varela1 ups freight

    Varela1 ups freight New Member

    Lax is voting NO
  10. ronroper

    ronroper Member

    Every Terminal should vote NO, this contract is a joke!, International did not have the best interest of UPS Freight workers in mind when they agreed to this.
    Send them back to the table!
  11. FutureFeederDriver

    FutureFeederDriver New Member

    I can't believe they want to create a new class of line-haul driver (LHD) for a lower mileage rate. We already have road drivers. All this does is allow UPS to push subcontractors into this newly created class to save money. Clearly hall and Hoffa do not have the best interest of the UPS Freight Road Drivers at heart. If this passes it is time to start thinking about removing hall and Hoffa.
  12. tohellwiththis

    tohellwiththis New Member

    please read pages 43 to 46 very carefully on the proposal, if you think ibt has our concerns in mind when it come to subcontracting, think again. all they have done is to make the subcontractors union paying members. they are offering "line haul" board .42cpm to start and .44cpm after 3 years. benefits planB, no hourly pay for dropping-hooking, fueling. 15.00 an hour for detention to start after a 1 hour delay at non-domicile terminal. 50.00 per year service pension plan after 2 years service. this is a joke. welcome to company subcontractors part 2.
  13. Shooter

    Shooter New Member

    Lexington Ky, Local 651
    Voted to not support UPSFG contract saturday night with a 99% vote NO
  14. Shooter

    Shooter New Member

    I'ts UPS putting uniforms on Sub Contractors plain and simple ,and if they get away with it, next stop will be small package (I think)
  15. renegade313

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    Flush the turd.....
  16. bigrigdriver

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    LOL :happy-very: