UPS Getting Way Too Cheap

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  1. 542thruNthru

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    I disagree, sort of.
    I believe our leadership would not even let us vote.

    They are not going to leave something like our pension in the hands of the membership.
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  2. Mugarolla

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    That's a different scenario.

    That's taking something away and replacing it with something else, not just taking something away.
  3. Mugarolla

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    But, if they get any more corrupt than they are, and if push came to shove, and if.......lose pension or lose medical or lose wages....the membership would vote.
  4. rod

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    Last years?
  5. upsbeernut

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    We don’t care about the residential customers either, that might have to change quickly due to competition and the convience of not shopping in a store.
  6. Wally

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    A non-vote is a vote for whatever the majority does. In our case we the majority voted it down. Leadership decided to ignore us.
  7. oldngray

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    If you don't vote against the union counts it as a yes vote.
  8. quad decade guy

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    More likely-eliminate the pension nothing.
  9. Heavy Package

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    We just got them too! Here's the pic of Dec 2020


    And October 2020 Dubai Expo!


    We have 1000's of them that just came with our late air today!
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    1BROWNWRENCH Amatuer Malthusian

    No car days per road call prizes....long gone
  11. That used to be a big deal also.
  12. bottomups

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    Your 2019 calendar is reusable in:
    2030, 2041, 2047, 2058, 2069, 2075, 2086, 2097, 2109, and 2115.

    Not all is lost. Beg for the UPS calendars back from the customers and then give them back in 10 years.
  13. scratch

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    I saw this photo yesterday where some clerks had these t-shirts made for Peak.

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  14. rocket man

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    one time I really agree with UPS half the guys complained the turkeys were too small then one year they gave us Publix gift cards to get a turkey half the people did not use them. Once I don't blame the company for saying just f*** it by your own we will double time plus 8 hours on the day after Thanksgiving you can afford it
  15. It's not about the turkey. It's about the disconnect between the company and the employees.
  16. What'dyabringmetoday???

    What'dyabringmetoday??? Well-Known Member

    I agree that it is not UPS's fault. But I disagree that more would get involved if they threatened to "take it away". Exactly why we are where we are- in general the membership does not care or has given up on this awful union.
  17. Mugarolla

    Mugarolla Light 'em up!

    I don't know. Most of the non voters really don't care about the small stuff, or the things they don't understand. If you try and take away their money, pension or healthcare, I think they would voice their concern through their vote.
  18. JustDeliverIt

    JustDeliverIt Active Member

    Unfortunately, it shouldn't come to that to get members to vote. I'm not going to sit here and think that every part timer with 6 months or less is going to vote. Reality of the situation is they are not. But if you have decided to stick with this job, either as a PT second income or possibly making a career out of it you should have an understanding. Many don't. Some FT guys still don't, although those are fewer.

    Reality is each vote is important to our livelihood and the small stuff that is taken now will add up to big stuff down the road. The company chips away each time, asking for a lot and settling for some every contract. And with this last vote, those who didn't quite understand what was going on now feel the vote doesn't matter since the union, even after the company expeted to go back to the table, pushed it through. Going to be a tough sell going forward no matter who is leading the IBT next contract talk.
  19. upsbeernut

    upsbeernut Sometimes i feel like a nut sometimes i dont

    That’s true but it really was something you were proud of the company for actually caring about everyone. Felt good to be a part of a great company. Now they dropped the ball and the morale is at its lowest along with the sense of pride which causes the employee not to care.
  20. PappyLand

    PappyLand Active Member

    They actually didn’t take away the calendars. The sales reps give them to the customers now.
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