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    This is for all of you who have been at UPS for a long time. I have been with UPS since May 08. I want to drive full time and I know it takes a few years to get. Volume is way down and cars are being busted every other day. Is this concerning to anyone who has been working a while for UPS. I need the company to grow so areas and routes can be added so I can get to the big $$ fast!! Give me some feedback.
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    You wont get the big bucks fast, just because as previously stated it takes awhile to get.
    UPS is 100 yrs old, through a couple world wars, the great depression and several world recessions big brown will roll on
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    Not really. Just continue to give good service to our customers in the area you have control over. It takes time to go full time. It takes more time to top out in pay.
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    man after hearing this i am trying to figure out whats the best way for me to get a fulltime driver position. i will hopefully be a seasonal driver in october but if they don't call me in in january to stay, what should i do if i really want to work for ups and be a driver.....try to be parttime? get my CDL and try to get in UPS? i am actually thinking about after the season if i dont get called back to get my CDL and try driving on another job but for the next season to be a driver again. if i do that, after my 2nd season what are my chances of being full time? or should i try calling throughout the year asking if they are hiring or need drivers? you never know, i just hate being so negative, i know its hard to get in but i just want to know my opitions.....thanks guys
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    I don't know where you're at, but I can tell you that the last 7 peak seasons, NONE of the seasonal drivers were hired on. I know that there's the 5 to 1 but that almost exclusively applies to part time supervisors who aren't union. Your best bet is to get on part time and do your time. At the union, hard work gets you a pat on the shoulder (sometimes), more than a few people telling you to slow down and save your body, cause the only thing that matters at the union is seniority. That's the only way to get to be a driver. I've heard of some centers taking 10 - 15 years to get on full time...some hubs will take only a couple of years...I know Portland Hub is sitting around 4 years for full time driving. But with the economy being what it is, it's probably taking longer. Sorry, but UPS is part of the union and time served is the only way to get on full time in 99% of UPS centers and hubs.
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    what is considered part time then? whats the normal pay rate? and do you get 40 hours regularly and benefits?
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    Part time work at UPS is 20 hours a week, on a good week, at least the center I am at. Peak season is more like 25, as we start about an hour earlier. I work the preload, from 5-9 AM, at the moment, and have done so for about a year and a half. There is also the Reload, where you will work in the evenings, 6-10 generally at my center, since I have worked it a few times getting a few more hours. I am in line to be full time here in October, and I plan on taking it. My center is quite small so the wait here is the shortest I have heard of on this forum. I guess I consider myself lucky.

    Oh and the pay rate is 8.50 an hour, which is what deters people from sticking it out in the first place.
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    I would say that you don't have a chance. Your inability to search through the forum to find out that the question has been asked and answered many times, shows a lack of resourcefulness that UPS tends to snub.

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    Boy, and certain members think that I am a hard ass!

    Barnyard, I agree with you and will look for newguy1 at the Dunkin Donut's drive thru on my next visit.
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    Dunkin Donuts has a drive thru?
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    Actually, I think you are the only one who thinks you are a hard ass.
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    I write this post without knowing all the facts, so please forgive my ignorance. Is volume down? Down from where? To me, it appears to be up from 2001 to now.

    I understand ground volume growth has been slow or flat at best. Still, stop counts have increased in the same area where I work. I can think of a specific route in 2001 never did more than 95 stops. If you had 95 stops you were hurtin'. The same area will now do 95 stops on a light day and its more like 110-125. Nothing has changed except the volume. Same area, more stops. I don't know about the pieces, but the route was done in a p10 and now requires a p12.

    The question then becomes is it this type of volume that UPS wants? The residential internet and catalog orders?

    The year was 2000 and I was having a ride with my center manager. I was new and asked him how long it would take for me to get a route. He said "at the rate we're growing, 1-2 years". He said we grew at 6% (ground) last year and this was unheard of in the years in which he began his career.

    This was a a few short months after Fed-ex entered the ground business. It was at the beginning of the market collapse of 2000-2002.

    Still, it seems things have never been the same at UPS since even though the economy and market recovered and have since "tanked" again. "Times are good" I heard from the mouth of the same center manager in September of 2000.

    Man, it looks like UPS underestimated Fed-ex. Because "times are not good" from what I hear at every PCM concerning growth.
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    I've said this to the new p/t's so many times I sound like a broken record.
    "Leave yourself an out"---
    Don't put all your eggs in 1 basket as far as driving is concerned, ask a driver with some seniority about driving. If you want driving just for the $$ you will eventually realize there are other things that will make you happy/happier than $$.
    While you are p/t start a business, go to school, get an additional job --one that you enjoy.
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    Routes have not been cut in my area. They actually added routes. Seems the stop counts are up around here. But my area is very strong economically.
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    Tell me more about the Dunkin Donuts drive thru--- never heard that.
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    Re: Dunkin

    I heard the other day that you can get coffee there, too. Not just donuts.
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    Apple Fritters are the true test of the good donut shops !!