UPS Has Homeowners Upset In Seminole Neighborhood

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    UPS Has Homeowners Upset In Seminole Neighborhood - WFTV

    Some Seminole County, Florida, residents are furious that a major U.S. corporation set up shop right in the middle of their neighborhood.

    Homeowners in Deer Run say the UPS delivery service has leased a house along Augusta way. The delivery company is now using the home to collect and deliver packages for the entire neighborhood.

    You wouldn't know it from the outside but neighbors say the owner of the home might as well put up a big UPS sign right out front.

    "I know it's in the bylaws of the association, but quite frankly it doesn't bother me," said one neighbor who didn't want to be identified.

    Others feel invaded by a big company.
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    The cause of action would be against the homeowner, not UPS, as he is in violation of the homeowner's association rules regarding running a business out of the home. The association by-laws where I live are very clear on this subject. On the flip side, I see this as a smart business move by UPS and by the homeowner. UPS has a central location for the driver helper to work out of and the homeowner makes a little money for the holidays. To be fair, the only time this should be an issue is when the pkg car is dropping off the packages, which shouldn't take more than a half hour at most. Our helper with a golf cart going back and forth to the garage would be a minor incovenience at best.
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    "We have a lot of upset neighbors," said Mauel Godinez of the Deer Run Property Owners Association.

    "The house has essentially become a UPS substation," Godinez said. "UPS can't just come in and start doing this to the neighborhoods. Today it's our neighborhood, tomorrow it could be yours."

    "They're just trying to save money at our expense," Godinez said.

    Waa, we`re victims. Geez what a drama queen. If they don`t want it then the HOA needs to file an injunction and shut them down. Also start fining the homeowner twice as much as he`s making and it will stop also. But to play the big bad company is out to get us card is a bit much. Save the dramatics for the academy awards.
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    What does the town say? Is it zoned business or not?
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    I could understand their frustation if multiple trucks and/or trailers were coming in and out of there on a constant basis. But it looks like a package car is simply backing up to the garage once a day, unloading the deliveries, then leaving. As a practical matter, the overall impact on the entire neighborhood is actually lessened since the actual deliveries are being made by an electric cart instead of having a diesel-powered package car driving up and down every street. Less noise, less pollution, less traffic....looks to me like there are some people in that neighborhood who have nothing better to do than to invent things to whine about.
  6. cachsux

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    I think you need to reread the article. It`s happening in Florida not San Clemente, Ca.
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    What does the location have to due with the underlying issue?
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    BC inside joke.
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    Get a half dozen UPS trucks to drive around that neighborhood all day long honking their horns at every delivery and intersection (drive way) and them idiots will beg to get that one truck and a little golf cart back.
  10. soberups

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    These are the same people who will call and whine and complain when their deliveries are late during the holiday rush.
  11. rod

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    Apparently that guy in the video who is upset hasn't learn yet that you "never piss off your UPS driver". It will come back to haunt you the next time you are expecting an important package.
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    This must not be too uncommon. I've seen rows of packages stacked in a driveway on my route. Helpers with carts deliver them in the neighborhood.
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    Update, seems my local has been active in this one. So far it looks like the Deer Run community has succeeded in kicking UPS out.
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    If you are driving a golf cart and they are paying you helper wages, file a grievance for top driver pay. If you are a steward in the areas where this is happening you better be filing on this as well. Hell I'm a steward in Kansas and I want to file on this crap in Florida!! We cannot let this continue, or we will all be replaced with half cost golf cart drivers!!
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    We've got a giant neighborhood surrounding a golf course here that we use a golf cart to deliver this time of year. Seems like a good idea! Never heard of anyone complaining about it.
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    I replied to a similar thread that was mirroring this one. Since this is the original thread on this subject and we have more individuals inputting on it, I would be curious to see what you guys have to say.

    Not to single anyone out, but after all the reading I have done on here, I am curious to hear more from UpstateNYUPSer.

    I am on a golf cart and am hustling huge to get everything done. Yesterday I had a little less than 80 stops (took 4 hours and a few minutes). I was talking with a manager and told him, "so, I guess I am a satellite driver...just without the truck - and making dirt wages?" And of course he said, "no, you're a driver helper..."

    Uhh, what I am doing doesn't fall into my UPS orientations definition of "Driver Helper". I would rather be called a "UPS Helper".

    I am simply excited to take the pressure off of the drivers during peak, but I very much understand where you are coming from on UPS paying 8.50 to persons with similar responsibilities as, let's say, a Temporary Cover Driver. (I am certainly not putting seasonal helpers on par with any of you other FT drivers or TCD's)

    For instance, after I get done with my neighborhood (averaging 65 stops right now per day) I go and help a TCD that is not accustomed to his route. He is a super nice fellow that simply is out of sorts in a new area. By 3pm this guy is still jacking with his businesses and hasn't even tackled his Resi's. One day he had only completed 42 stops by 4pm. Poor guy was sent out with an incorrect Mapsco. Since he has gotten the correct Mapsco, his productivity hasn't really improved too much.

    So on paper, my productivity is distinctively higher. And I am not delivering in a small neighborhood - this place is massive. I have to consistently plan my own route since EDD has me backtracking a lot - which might not be a bad thing in a UPS truck, but detrimental in a golf cart.

    With all that said, since I am doing this seasonal gig to simply get hired on and begin a career with UPS, I would bet that if I did something as radical as file a grievance for driver/TCD pay - I would NEVER get a call back for January. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    By the way, I am responding to this issue light heartedly. I am far too new to understand the intricacies of Union rules in affiliation with UPS standard operating procedure. Your post was simply interesting to me.
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    There was a few bicycle helpers at my interview session who do the same thing you're doing except they ought pedal with their legs, not motorized bicycles. You have it easier I think since the motor is doing the propulsion for you.
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    We do the same thing here at a local golf course. There may be as many as 60 to 80 stops in the area and it helps us immensely to be able to drop all the deliveries at the helpers house. He delivers on his own time out of a golf cart. The one draw back is the helper lives on the outside edge of the community. I haven't heard yet if we have him back again this year but I certainly hope so. :happy-very:
  19. dilligaf

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    Yes! We have our golf course jumper back. :happy-very:
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    Another option is for the homeowners assoc to forbid anyone from ordering anything therefore there will be no need for a substation.