UPS Has New Number for 07' Racing Season


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1 driver from my center is still upset for switching to the question is, do we get a discount when buying a toyota now?


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"why do we still have Dale Jarrett??"

Obviously, UPS is not interested in having a winning team. I don't understand this. If you're going to invest all that money, why not go with a winning driver? Or some young gun rookie.


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And in an unrelated story,44 will just happen to be the new sporh goal for every delivery driver in 2007. Coincidence,I think not.

You guys should be dancing in the street then. I mean for the company to cut the SPORH goal by 50% from the old goal of 88 is fantastic. Coincidence? Nope, just reality starting to hit home.



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Check the tag on you shoes, shirt and pants. They have 90% chance of not being made in America. But, WTF I am just an idiot.
Textiles and car parts are two totally different things. One is made outside of the US and shipped because it's relatively light and affordable. The other is made within the country because it's costly to ship a bunch of 2 tonne commodoties over the pond, not to mention that the unions would **** a brick when those jobs go outside the country.