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    I will be graduating college next year with a marketing degree. I have been working at UPS for almost 4 years as a part-time employee (Reno/Sparks, Nevada Hub) and loved it. My plan is to use UPS to transfer to a larger city with more job opportunity, so I can keep a stable job with benefits while I search for a new career. My full-time sup said it would be easier for me to transfer somewhere close (any of the Bay Area Hubs) rather than San Diego or another large city, due to similar union, etc.
    Does anyone have advice or success on transferring to another hub? Keep in mind that I do not want to "quit and be re-hired." I am also only a part-time employee. I have heard stories that it is difficult to transfer, unless you register for school or a spouse has moved.
    Thank you.
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    Educational transfers are your only option, other than quitting and getting rehired.
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    Good luck. Talk to your local union first off. I also recommend getting the name and phone numbers for whatever local you are moving to. Share names in between the two local unions. No reason not to expect some assistance, that is what we pay all of those ridiculous fees towards.
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    they Bay area is insanely expensive. I would stay where your at.
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    Do you know olroadbeech?
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    He probably only knows her by her stage name.