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    UPS intercepts packages containing marijuana - GM Today

    For the second time in seven months, local United Parcel Service officials have intercepted large-scale shipments of marijuana that were intended to be delivered in the Milwaukee area.
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    browntruckmechanic Well isn't that special ?????????

    Charlie Daniels has a song out called I'm a simple man. One of the lines states " If I had my way with you selling dope I'd take big tall tree and a short piece of rope". I like that attitude.
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    browntruckmechanic Well isn't that special ?????????

    Another line go's. " You know what's wrong with the world today people gone and put there Bibles away, there living by the law of the jungle not the law of the land, The good book says it so I know it's the truth, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth."
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    A couple of years ago, I figured out something strange was going on. I had two or three deliveries to houses that had "For Rent" signs on them. At the third one, I noticed the house was empty and I had known the previous tenants had paid the rent three months ahead of time, the house they were having remodeled was finished earlier than expected. Anyway, I left an Info Notice on the front door with the"signature required" box checked and circled, and I wrote in "Empty House" with my Center phone number on it. On the way back in that night, a car pulls up next to me on a four lane highway before I got back on the interstate. The driver was looking at me strange and asked for some directions, it was a weird place to do that.

    I had a funny feeling about that box, so I took it into the office that night and told my boss about it. It was addressed to some Hispanic name and was shipped from a commercial counter in Texas. It got opened up, and was a tripled box full of pot that had been compressed into a trash compacter bag. A couple of days later, I noticed a similar box on my truck right before I left the building. It got got delivered by the local police, they left it in the middle of the driveway with three cars staking it out from a distance. I always do a good DR, no way would I leave something out in the open. The dealers didn't bite, evidently they drove by and didn't stop. Somebody was tracking these boxes and picking them up after I delivered them. They stopped after that.