UPS interview tomorrow - package handler


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How's it goin all heres the deal, I just finished high school last month and am in desperate need of a job so last week I scheduled an interview with UPS tomorrow for the package handler position, so i got an email reminding me of the interview today saying I should bring my education information and social security number. What should I bring for my education history? I have not began college, I'll be attending this fall though and I just graduated from high school last month. Also what does this position consist of and what kind of questions should I expect at my interview for this position as i get nervous during all my job interviews:). Thanks guys, any info will be helpful.

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When you speak with the person from HR let he or she know you are a graduating senior and are willing to work. Keep in mind UPS is looking for people willing to work, who are on time for work and are't taking time off on a regular basis. You'll do fine.


Hey Over, How'd it go? I have my interview tomorrow. Anything unusual come up, any of those "what's your weakness" "what's your strength" type questions? I hate those.

Good luck!


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I dunno why they even ask for your education info. all they are gonna do is make sure your body maintains a normal temperature and tell you your hired. :lol:


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Take it easy, it's not like you're applying for an extremely skilled position. Just give them the impression that you're ready to work. It seems you want to work, and as far as I am concerned thats more than what a lot of people around me see to do.